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The Surprising Ways You Can Add Vodka to Your Beauty Routine

Rumour has it vodka was invented in 1503 by Kremlin monks who used it as a topical antiseptic and cure-all drink but nowadays it’s been banished to the liquor cabinet. Here are some surprising uses for vodka in your beauty

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How to Drink without Ruining Your Diet

Did you start the year out on a diet but don’t know how to incorporate your social drinking into your healthy eating plan?You’re not alone. Alcoholic beverages can in fact ruin your diet but it doesn’t have to. Here’s what

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Experts Say You Shouldn’t Put Vodka in the Freezer

We’ve probably all gotten the advice before that vodka should be stored in the freezer but now an expert says we shouldn’t. According to vodka expert and creator of Grey Goose vodka, Francois Thibault, this is the last thing we

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These are The World’s Biggest Selling Spirits Brands

One of the most important aspects of the job, especially in hospitality is knowing what your patrons want. In a bar, restaurant, pub or club that will involve serving alcohol and you’re probably well aware of what spirits your patrons

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2018’s Best Vodka Made in Tasmania Distillery

Hartshorn Distillery’s vodka was the recent winner of the Best Vodka awards and for good reason. A recent article highlighted the brands artisan history and the fact that it’s made in a limited volume in southern Tasmania by Ryan Hartshorn.

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One Spirit, Two Cocktails to Please Any Taste

Vodka is one of the most popular spirits and for good reason, it packs a punch but is less likely to result in a headache the next day. Two of the most delicious vodka cocktails and also arguably the most

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Sweetheart Jello Shots

Sweetheart candy has made a major comeback, especially with Kim Kardashian’s latest fragrance Kimoji Hearts. These sweetheart jello shots not only look so cool but taste amazing and they’re sure to add that special touch to any occasion.

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Does Drinking Hard Liquor Help With Weightloss

Is it possible that hard alcohol can help you lose weight? Well some experts say not really, in fact it actually cause you to gain weight. There are a number of factors that affect whether alcohol affects your weight including

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Which is Better Spirits or Beer?

Have you ever wondered which is healthier, hard liquor or a beer? Well both need to be consumed in moderation, in fact all alcoholic beverages do. If you’re counting calories, you may want to opt for that shot of vodka,

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The Worst Thing You Can Drink for Your Skin

Before you start downing those festive season drinks, consider the damage to your body and even your skin. Here are the worst drinks you can have for your skin. Red wine – Red wine is the worst culprit when it

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