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Due to the recent change in Laws by the NSW Parliament midnight 4th of February 2014 was the cut off for the old online program pending the release of the new RSA Online Program. Registrations are suspended until the new program are re-opened.

We have been advised by OLGR that their NSW Portal has now been closed for student submissions. For further information please contact OLGR on:

Hours of operation: 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday
Phone: 02 9995 0300

Government changes approved 1 July now mean we are one of the first Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) to be approved to deliver the official NSW Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing RSA course online!

Eliminate the hassle of face-to-face training and complete your NSW Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate conveniently from home or office anytime 24/7.

Here’s how it works (This is the process required by OLGR):

Step 1:  Register and pay for your online course;

Step 2:  Complete your online course at your own pace and from the convenience of home;

Step 3:  Once you’ve completed the course and the online assessments, you’ll receive a downloadable Certificate of Completion and information regarding identity confirmation requirements;

Step 4:  On receipt of your identification documents, your details will be entered into the OLGR NSW database and your Interim Certificate will be emailed to you (within 1-2 business days);

Step 5:  Book a time to get your Photo Card at your nearest Post Office: To do this, go to or call 137 678 to find your nearest participating Australia Post outlet and to book an appointment. Please note: NOT all Australia Post outlets can process photo competency card applications. So we would advise you to check first!

Step 6:  Get your ID documents ready. In order for Australia Post to process your Photocard application you will need to have your OLGR Interim Certificate,  AND the correct documents to prove your identity.
These must be original documents to the value of at least 100 points that prove your identity. Details of acceptable documents are listed on your interim certificate

Step 7:  Go to your Australia Post interview with the documents listed in Step 6 above;

• Attend the interview in person (other people can’t apply for the photo competency card for you);

• Take along your OLGR Interim Certificate;

• Bring the right documents that prove your identity (100 points or more). If you don’t do this, your application can’t be processed by Australia Post

Your photo will be taken at Australia Post as part of the application process. Your Photocard will be ordered and sent to you within 3 weeks. You have 90 days to get your OLGR Interim Certificate replaced with your Photocard.

Please refer to the OLGR NSW Student Page for further information

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Here’s an excerpt from our most popular blog post, which outlines the contents of the RSA NSW course:

1. Introduction to RSA. This topic will help you to understand the purpose of Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). In this section you will learn about the principles of RSA, and the role of the Government in developing and enforcing RSA legislation in NSW. Government officers and experienced licensees will explain many of these details so that you gain a thorough understanding.

2. RSA legislation.  This section covers the skills and knowledge to sell or serve alcohol according to NSW legislation. Here you will learn about the legal requirements of RSA. Industry professionals will explain the key aspects of RSA legislation and how it applies to your role in industry.

3. Impact of alcohol. In this section of the course you’ll hear about the risks to your patrons, including long-term health problems, associated with alcohol consumption. You will also learn how alcohol impacts on personal and community health. A health professional will outline issues related to the sale and service of alcohol for different types of customers, especially those at risk. You will also see how to provide accurate information to customers on alcoholic beverages.

4. RSA strategies.  This section will provide you with a range of skills that will help you to comply with the requirements of the liquor laws.  In this topic you’ll look at role plays demonstrating best practice in RSA strategies. You’ll also hear from licensees about how RSA is typically applied by staff in the workplace to gain some practical knowledge of the industry.

(Article posted by Peter Cutforth 

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