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Diageo’s Anti-Underage Drinking Program Goes Around Australia

  Diageo Australia has taken its successful education project The Smashed Project back to the ACT and introduced it to Victoria. The project is a theatre-in-education project that attempts to address the dangers of underage drinking and reducing alcohol-related harm

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Early Drinking Damages Arteries

According to research, the arteries of teens who drink alcohol and smoke are already beginning to harden even at the age of 17, and even if they only do so occasionally. The startling revelation was made by a study by

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Teen Drinking May Lead to Alcohol Abuse in Adulthood

It’s a topic that seems to be popping up time and time again, the issue of whether parents should give their teenage children alcohol. A recent study found that how often a teenager drinks can be an indicator of problems

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Why You Shouldn’t Give your Teenagers Alcohol

A recent study published in The Lancet revealed that parents who give their underage children alcohol may actually be doing more harm than good. While parents who give their teenagers alcohol do so in an attempt to stop them drinking

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Teens Who Drink Due to Anxiety Get Help

In what is believed to a world first, the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre has developed a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) program for young people who drink alcohol to cope with anxiety, nervousness and shyness. The program aims to

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Will Giving Your Kids Alcohol Help Them be Responsible Drinkers?

Do kids who get alcohol from their parents become more responsible drinkers? The research proves that they do not and in fact parents could be helping them drink more dangerously and heavier. According to a study by researchers at Curtin

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Fewer Teens Drinking but Those that Are Drink more

  Although fewer teenagers in Australia are drinking, those that are drinking, are consuming on average 13 alcoholic drinks per session, increasing their risk of alcohol harm, with one in five experiencing blackouts. Research from the National Drug and Alcohol

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Generation Z Avoiding Drinking

Following news that Australians are drinking less overall, a study also shows that generation Z is also avoiding alcohol. The new study published in the journal Child Development, conducted by psychologists Jean Twenge and Heejung Park, analysed the responses of

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Teen Death Prompts Alcohol Education for WA High Schools

  Following the death of a teenager at her 18th birthday from alcohol intoxication, a coroner has recommended every secondary school pupil in WA be educated on the physical affects of alcohol on young bodies. The 18 year old died

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Teen Dead after Birthday Drinking Game

An inquest into the death of teenager Nicole Emily Bicknell, has revealed that she had a blood alcohol reading of 0.319 per cent when she died. The teen had just turned 18 and was celebrating by drinking with her friends

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