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How Publicans are Capitalising on Our Increasing Love for Cocktails

A recent article on discussed the importance of offering a wide variety of cocktails to your patrons, regardless of how big or small your venue is. It’s a matter of not only sourcing the right ingredients for your cocktail

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4 Cocktails Using 3 Ingredients Only

If complicated cocktails aren’t your thing, here are 4 cocktails you should try – each using only 3 ingredients but they’re just as delicious as any cocktail you’ve ever tried.

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The Melbourne Bar Making Waves in The Cocktails

Melbourne has been consistently voted the world’s most liveable city and I’m sure the amazing nightlife has something to do with it. An example is this Melbourne bar in South Yarra serving up some creative and exciting cocktails to it’s

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How To Knock Back A Boilermaker

A Boilermaker, (the combination of beer and shot whisky) has had a reputation of being a manly drink but now there’s a new appreciation for this 2 part drink and a new way to drink it. Here’s a more sophisticated

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Boost Your Bookings with Social Media

Instagram has become a useful tool for hospitality business owners to promote their businesses in a fun and youthful way. If you want to take your hospitality business to the next level, keep these Instagram tips in mind, Create a

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World’s Best Hotel Bars

Some of the world’s best bars can be found at some of the world’s top hotels. In an article, someone compiled a list of the best hotel bars in the world, whether you prefer a city view or ocean vistas,

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Planning a Trip to The US, Try One of These Bars

Popular drinks website provided 10 of the best bars in the US at the moment. If you’re planning a trip anytime soon, you’ve got to try one of these bars: Citizen Public House & Oyster Bar (Boston, MA) Monk’s

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SA Pub Standing and Drinking Ban Lifted

In case you haven’t heard, drinking and standing outside SA pubs is OK as the government invites venues to apply to have the ban lifted outside their premises. The move is aimed at helping boost the small bar scene in

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