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What Jobs Make You Crave a Stiff Drink?

Have you noticed how people in some careers tend to drink more than others? Which jobs make people want to down a stiff drink or two at the end of the day? According to a survey conducted in The United

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Drinking and Driving Not the Only Alcoholic Crime

By David Sledge While drinking and driving is a major problem related to alcohol abuse there are serious consequences to excessive drinking. As the year draws to a close and we reflect on the advancements of 2012, we also remember the

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Drink Driving Offences a Growing Problem

A rather disturbing trend in South Australia, and in fact throughout Oz, is the number of people who are still drinking and driving. I came across an interesting post recently which detailed the issue of drivers who are forced to

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American Pilot Arrested After Attempting to Fly Drunk

While we are bombarded with messages about the dangers of drinking and driving what do we do when those entrusted with our lives do not follow the same advice? Piloting a plane or any other craft requires excellent cognitive functioning

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