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Simple Vodka Cocktails for Your Next Party

Do you have a favourite vodka? Then why not try one (or all) of these impressive vodka cocktails. They are easy enough for even the amateur bartender and are perfect for a party.

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Could Alcohol Be Good for The Male Reproductive System

Moderate alcohol consumption may actually be good for male fertility, a new study says. The study which involved more than 300 males examined the sperm count of drinkers as compared with non-drinkers. The key here again is moderation, excessive drinking

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Consumers Prefer Low Strength Alcohol

We may actually be changing the way we view alcohol depending on the label, a study suggests. According to the study drinks labelled as lower strength encourage people to drink more. In the UK where excessive drinking is a major

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Beer Lovers Try Spicy Beers

Do you fancy yourself a beer lover? What would you think of a spicy beer? Some people prefer to stick to the traditional beer tastes but others are more adventurous. In this BuzzFeed video we watch the reactions of beer

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Will Giving Your Kids Alcohol Help Them be Responsible Drinkers?

Do kids who get alcohol from their parents become more responsible drinkers? The research proves that they do not and in fact parents could be helping them drink more dangerously and heavier. According to a study by researchers at Curtin

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Australians Reducing Alcohol Consumption

According to a recent study which analysed the drinking habits of 24,000 Australian drinkers, people in Australia are reducing their consumption of alcohol and the rate of abstinence is increasing. The study conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and

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Irish Drinkers Test World’s Strongest Drinks

We don’t normally associate the Irish with cocktails, in fact their love of alcohol is renowned, bringing us such treasures as Guinness and Kerrygold but in this video they swap the ale for the world’s strongest cocktails. Let’s see how

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How Will American Alcohol Go Down with Irish Drinkers

American alcohol versus Irish alcohol, which do you think would win. Well it’s no surprise that these Irish drinkers have their own alcoholic preferences, so when they try this American alcohol for the first time, their reactions are quite entertaining.

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Irish Drinkers Taste Polish Alcohol

Here’s a cool video of some Irish drinkers trying Polish alcoholic beverages for the first time. It’s always funny to watch these taste tests because each country has such different preferences. Let’s watch the video for more,  

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Which Country Has The Biggest Drinkers?

You wouldn’t believe the country with the largest number of alcoholics and citizens who drink an average of 14 shots of hard liquor a week, hint…its not Germany or Russia. According to Euromonitor, South Korea has about 1.6 million alcoholics

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