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How to Drink Responsibly in Front of Your Kids

A challenge that parents often have to deal with, is the impact their behaviour has on their offspring, for example the message their drinking is sending to their kids. Are you creating a life-time binge drinker by drinking in front

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Planning to Drink – This is How to Protect Your Skin

The next time you’re out on the weekend enjoying your favourite bar or pub with friends, take time to consider your skin and the effects that alcohol will have on it. Here are some of the ways you can protect

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Tequila Could Help You Battle the Bulge

Agave lovers have even more reason to knock back a few of their favourite tipple following the release of a new study which has found a link between tequila and weight loss. The study by the American Chemical Society researched

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What to Drink if You’re Trying to Lose Weight

If you’re trying to lose weight you don’t just want to pay attention to what you eat, you also need to be particular about what you drink. Here are some healthy drinking options that are low in calories, sugar and

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More Reason to Drink in Moderation

Even more evidence has emerged about how too much alcohol can lead to cancer, proving once more that alcohol should always be consumed in moderation. According to the latest study, alcohol can cause irreversible genetic damage to the body’s reserve

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Take a Trip to Paris in a Glass

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to upgrade your cocktail order at the bar, here’s a sophisticated and tasty option fit for a wannabe Parisian lifestyle. It’s made from an elderflower liqueur created in France from hand-picked wild

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Turn Red when you drink? Here’s why.

If you’ve ever wondered why you get so red when you drink and don’t seem to experience the buzz that others do, this article from is for you. A medical professional explains why some people get red cheeks and

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Irish Drinkers Test World’s Strongest Drinks

We don’t normally associate the Irish with cocktails, in fact their love of alcohol is renowned, bringing us such treasures as Guinness and Kerrygold but in this video they swap the ale for the world’s strongest cocktails. Let’s see how

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Drinking Alone? Read this first.

If you plan on drinking alone, you shouldn’t feel guilty or depressed, as we’ve been made to believe. I’ve recently read an article about how to drink alone and not feel down, as long as you’re in a good head

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Watch Irish People Drink American Shots

We have the Irish to thank for so many of the world’s favourite alcoholic drinks. Guinness is just one example of the alcoholic offerings Ireland has given the world, so it goes without saying that the Irish know their alcohol.

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