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The Best Advice for Making Cocktails in A Large Batch

If you’re planning on entertaining this festive season you don’t want to miss this video. One of the biggest hassles when throwing a party is the drinks, especially if you want to make a signature cocktail because you don’t want

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The Simplest Champagne Cocktail

If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant cocktail to serve at your next soiree, here’s a great choice – the champagne cocktail. For more about it’s history and how to make this delicious yet simple drink, watch the video

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Five Fishbowl Cocktails That Are Perfect for a Bar or Party

If you’re planning a party to celebrate Spring, here are 5 of the best Fishbowl cocktails that are sure to be a hit with any crowd. Actually they’re so good you could make them just for yourself.

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Cocktails Inspired by Danger 5

Here are 3 unusual cocktails inspired by the Australian comedy Danger 5 which is a 1960’s interpretation of WWII where 5 international spies target Hitler and his Nazi cohorts, sounds strange? Wait until you try the cocktails from the show.

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The Perfect Make-in-Bulk Drink for Your Next Party

The perfect make in bulk cocktail for your next party involves a giant watermelon and booze. Watch the video to learn to make this fun and delicious cocktail that’s sure to get you more than a few likes on Instagram.

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Perfect Spring Cocktail

Spring is finally here and the weather is starting to improve and in Australia that means more time outdoors. If you’re planning to celebrate Spring with a Barbeque as most Australians will, here is the perfect liquid accompaniment – Honey

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How To Make A Gin Fizz

Gin has made a major comeback recently and gin cocktails are now featured in the poshest bars. This delicious Gin Fizz cocktail is simple and can be made at home. Just one thing, it shouldn’t be consumed neat – so

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Make These Fruit-Sweetened, Vegan Cocktails

If you’re trying to stay healthy to get back into your summer body, here are some cocktails that can help. They are a healthy fruit-sweetened options instead of those sugar and calorie laden cocktails made with mixers and syrups.

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Open a Bottle of Wine with a Spoon

Here’s a helpful bar trick that will not only impress your friends but is actually useful – opening a bottle of wine with a just a spoon. Watch the video to see how it’s done.  

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4 Cocktails Using 3 Ingredients Only

If complicated cocktails aren’t your thing, here are 4 cocktails you should try – each using only 3 ingredients but they’re just as delicious as any cocktail you’ve ever tried.

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