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Advice for Bartenders Working Busy Shifts

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to brush up your skills, here’s a useful video for bartenders working busy shifts or working in a busy bar for the first time. Here’s a Bartending 101 video you may find useful.

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Digital Union for Hospitality Workers

A digital union has been offered to hospitality employees with a membership costing just $9.99 a month. Hospo Voice is a part of the United Voice union, hoping to attract young hospitality industry workers who wouldn’t necessarily be interested in

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Welcoming a New Staff Member to Your Hospitality Business

One of the biggest challenges for hospitality businesses is acquiring and retaining good staff members. In this video you’ll learn the 7 things to do to welcome a new staff member into a hospitality business.

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If You Live in Melbourne, You’ll Want to Try These Crazy Cocktails ASAP

With an impressive array of eateries and bars offering the best food and beverages on offer, bartenders in Melbourne are always upping their game and outdoing themselves. There are some really inventive cocktails on offer at bars around Melbourne, so

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Video: Learn to Make Cost-effective Cocktails

A video from shows us some ideas for making cost-effective cocktails. Giuseppe Zagari, owner of Aperitivo Restaurant talks about “safe” cocktails and shows us some affordable alcoholic creations. Why not give these a try this weekend?    

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Discover Your Own Signature Cocktail

Whether you’re hosting a party or trying to find something to make your bar/restaurant stand out, a signature drink can give your party/business the edge. Here are some steps to discovering your own signature cocktail. Taste is key The most

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Is The Popularity of Game of Thrones Bringing Back this Ancient Brew?

Due to the popularity of Game of Thrones, mead seems to be making a comeback. The world’s oldest alcoholic drink was consumed by the ancient Egyptians, Vikings and Romans and now the modern world. It is predominantly a honey based

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Teabag Turns Ordinary Beer into Craft Beer

Is it really possible to turn an average beer into a craft beer in just 4 minutes using a teabag? A teabag created by Maryland-based biology student Bobby Gattuso, Hop Theory promises to do just that. The teabag is made

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Secret to the Perfect Cocktail

Perfectly balanced taste is the secret behind the perfect cocktail. That means getting the flavours just right with the perfect amount sweetness, balanced with sourness, saltiness and bitterness. In this video Rich Hunt & Greg Foot show us how to achieve

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Pubs in Metros More Confident About Future Profitability

According to a report from corporate advisory firm Ferrier Hodgson, metropolitan pub confidence is higher than regional pubs due to declining populations, ageing hoteliers and a lack of innovation in regional areas. Confidence in the future is strong in metropolitan areas with

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