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Study Claims Binge Drinking Can Rewrite Your DNA

We’re constantly hearing about the effects of excessive drinking but for the first time we’re hearing that binge drinking can actually alter our DNA. According to researchers at Rutgers University, consistently binge drinking actually has genetic impact, worsening a drinker’s

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Global Safety Conference Recognises Alcohol as Leading Cause of Harm

Global safety experts recently met in Bangkok where they discussed the harmful use of alcohol. They say harmful alcohol use contributes to morbidity, injury and violence which can cause all types of injury. Experts at the conference said the alcohol

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Binge Drinking Killing Young Americans due to Liver Damage

Binge drinking isn’t just some harmless youthful fun, in fact it’s killing young Americans at an alarming rate, according to a recently published study. According to the study titled “Mortality due to cirrhosis and liver cancer in the United States,

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New Sunshine Coast Program Tackles Alcohol at Grass Roots Level

A program has been launched on the Sunshine Coast to tackle alcohol and drug harm at grass roots level. The Federal Government and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation have announced a Local Drug Action Team which will operate in the

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Alcohol May Have More Calories Than Sugary Drinks, Study Claims

According to data collected by data analysts Euromonitor International, people in the UK, among other countries, get more calories from alcohol than they do sugary drinks. According to the information, of the 24 countries tracked, all but one have higher

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Survey Shows Pre-Loading Rife Among Young People

The latest annual alcohol poll by FARE (Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education) found that only 38 per cent of young people were asked for their IDs when buying alcohol. It also found that pre-loading and drinking with the intent

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NSW New Online Tool to Help Combat Alcohol Problems

The NSW Government has developed an online tool to help combat alcohol problems. The new online registration tool and strategy selector was developed to help share information in communities throughout the state. Liquor accords involve local licensees, councils and police jointly

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Experts Say Most liver transplants by 2020 will be ‘linked to over-eating, not alcohol’

Experts in the UK have warned that in the near future most liver transplants will be necessary as a result of over-eating and not linked to alcohol, as most people assume. Dr Quentin Anstee, a consultant hepatologist at Newcastle University

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Binge Drinking in Teens linked to Sleeping Problems

Could improper sleeping habits and a lack of quality sleep be leading to dangerous behaviour in teens, including binge drinking and alcoholism? A recent study shows a link between teens who didn’t get the recommended 8-9 and a half hours

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Australians Wasting 100 Million Hours a Month Hungover

New research reveals that Australians are losing 100 million hours collectively every month due to hangovers. The survey of 1030 alcohol drinkers across Australia in February showed that one in five Aussie drinkers have taken one or more sick days in the

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