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Mum’s Warning Following Teenage Daughters Death

The mother of a Sydney teenager who died after mixing herself a deadly cocktail of alcohol and energy drinks which she discovered online, hopes her daughter’s death will be a warning to others. The mother of Paris Kamper was speaking

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Don’t Let Your Pet Drink Alcohol

While you may feel like your pets need to join in the celebration and have a drink or two, this is extremely dangerous and could lead to alcohol poisoning and even death for the animal. While Christmas parties may be

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Mother Issues Warning After Teenage Son Almost Dies of Alcohol Poisoning

A mother is reminding parents about the dangers of peer pressure after her son almost died after drinking shots of vodka at school. Jo Owen shared her story on social media after she found her son slumped over from alcohol

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Perth Tourist Treated for Alcohol Poisoning in Bali

While we often stress the importance of drinking responsibly and moderately while on a night on the town, its important we also practice safe and responsible drinking when on holiday and even more so. In fact Australians travelling to Indonesia

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Toddler in Hospital with Alcohol Poisoning after Drinking Hand Sanitizer

A toddler was taken to hospital with alcohol poisoning last year and it wasn’t from getting her hands on her parents liquor cabinet, it was from drinking hand sanitiser. Now there are calls for hand sanitisers to have safety warnings

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Mumbai Toxic Alcohol ‘Supplier’ Arrested

More than 100 people have died in India after drinking toxic alcohol concoction. Police in Delhi have arrested a 26 year old  man in connection with supplying the toxic alcohol in Mumbai. The man apparently smuggled the alcohol from the neighbouring

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Decline Alcohol Poisoning Among Young People

According to the latest SA Health figures there has been a sharp decline in the number of children being admitted into hospital for alcohol poisoning. This is good news and means that responsible service of alcohol laws are being applied.

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Video Highlights Serious Consequences of Binge Drinking

The serious consequences that can result from binge drinking are highlighted in this video from a popular American medical TV Show. Alcohol servers should recognise the importance of serving alcohol responsibly and discouraging binge drinking among customers.  

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Tasmanians Warned about Excessive Drinking

The Tasmanian Coroner has issued a warning to drinkers about the importance of safe, moderate alcohol consumption following the deaths of four men. The four men, all in their fifties died between 2013 and 2014 after drinking a large quantity of alcohol

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Sad outcome of Foetal Alcohol Poisoning

For any women out there who still think that drinking during pregnancy is safe, recently posted an article which highlighted the danger of alcohol to a foetus from the perspective of an affected young man. The article was about

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