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Increase in Australia’s Alcohol Consumption

  New research from IBISWORLD revealed that the amount of alcohol consumed per person in Australia annually has risen for the first time in almost a decade, this is contrary to the trend we’ve seen since 2006-2007 of alcohol consumption

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Teen Death Prompts Alcohol Education for WA High Schools

  Following the death of a teenager at her 18th birthday from alcohol intoxication, a coroner has recommended every secondary school pupil in WA be educated on the physical affects of alcohol on young bodies. The 18 year old died

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Alcohol May Have More Calories Than Sugary Drinks, Study Claims

According to data collected by data analysts Euromonitor International, people in the UK, among other countries, get more calories from alcohol than they do sugary drinks. According to the information, of the 24 countries tracked, all but one have higher

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Learn to Make a Rum Cocktail

Rum is a liquor made from fermenting molasses, a byproduct of the sugar refining process, something discovered by slaves on plantations in The Carribean around the 17th century. This is when the first distillation of rum took place. Rum has

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People Wear Beer Goggles for a Day

Watch as people wear beer goggles to see what its like to be drunk for a day.

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What’s The Difference Between an Old Man Bar and a Dive

Esquire is one of the influencers of male culture globally so this article on ‘difference between an old man bar and a dive’ really got my attention. In the post the writer breaks down the subtle signs that differentiate the

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Australia’s Binge Drinking Increases Mental Health Risk

Even more reason to ensure responsible service of alcohol rules are adhered to – Australia’s binge drinking culture which is contributing to an increase in mental health issues. Australian Medical Association vice-president Stephen Parnis explained how the culture of binge

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Learning About Wine

The School of Psychology at the University of Sydney recently conducted a study into whether novices can become wine experts. According to Dr Alex Russell who has now completed a Phd on the subject, anyone can become a wine expert

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Video: Learn to Make Cost-effective Cocktails

A video from shows us some ideas for making cost-effective cocktails. Giuseppe Zagari, owner of Aperitivo Restaurant talks about “safe” cocktails and shows us some affordable alcoholic creations. Why not give these a try this weekend?    

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Man Goes to Crazy Lengths to Look Like The Hulk

There are no limits to what some people will do to look like their idols. One man has resorted to injecting his muscles with oil and alcohol in an effort to look like The Incredible Hulk, Avengers character. Romario Dos

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