Convenient Wine in a Can Grows in Popularity

According to David Messum, an ambassador for the upcoming Drinks Collective Show the demand for convenience is fueling the canned wine industry. In the past consumers may have turned their noses up at the idea of wine in a can

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What Does The Drink You Choose on Your First Date Say About You?

The drink you choose on your first date has a lot to say about your personality.What your date orders could give you some insight into their personality and perhaps give you the edge to have a successful date. According to

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Here’s Why You Should Start Drinking Whisky

In Australia we love our beer and our wine but whisky is something that’s been reserved for special occasions. But we should be breaking out the whisky more often, not  only because of its quality and the care that goes

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This is Why You Crave a Burger after Drinking

According to studies not only does drinking alcohol excessively affect obesity levels in young people, but drinking alcohol affects what people are eating while they drink. According to the Californian Journal of Health Promotion, previous research had already found that

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Try Alcoholic Tea for a Post-work Pick-me-up

The Australian company Lifestyle Notion has developed an alcoholic option for tea lovers – a boozy tea. The Alcohol Tea Bombs are the newest range of tea bags which help create a tea cocktail easily at home. The trick is

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Heavy Drinking Can Boost Prostate Cancer Risk

More and more evidence is emerging that proves teenagers shouldn’t be drinking alcohol, even if given to them by their parents. The latest study found that drinking alcohol can dramatically increase a teen’s risk of deadly prostate cancer later in

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Cocktails Inspired by Danger 5

Here are 3 unusual cocktails inspired by the Australian comedy Danger 5 which is a 1960’s interpretation of WWII where 5 international spies target Hitler and his Nazi cohorts, sounds strange? Wait until you try the cocktails from the show.

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Moderate Alcohol Consumption may Boost Heart Health

Who said having the odd drink now and then is bad for you? A new study has found that moderate drinking may actually lower the risk of heart disease. The study found that people who drank moderately but consistently experienced

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The Perfect Make-in-Bulk Drink for Your Next Party

The perfect make in bulk cocktail for your next party involves a giant watermelon and booze. Watch the video to learn to make this fun and delicious cocktail that’s sure to get you more than a few likes on Instagram.

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Early Drinking Damages Arteries

According to research, the arteries of teens who drink alcohol and smoke are already beginning to harden even at the age of 17, and even if they only do so occasionally. The startling revelation was made by a study by

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