Vic Liquor Act Changes to Tackle Underage Drinking

The Victorian Government is attempting to close a loophole that allows underage patrons to drink on licensed premises if their parents give them permission. As part of the Liquor and Gambling Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, the state government’s aim is

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How Scotland’s Tackling Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a major problem in Scotland, as it is in many countries around the world. In Scotland it claimed thousands of lives last year. The government has introduced minimum alcohol pricing to try and tackle this growing problem. The

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Drinking Alcohol while Living Lean

Do you struggle with how to party while still living lean and staying in shape? Most diets completely condemn alcohol, leaving many people conflicted. The good news is that it is possible to have the occasional drink and still stay

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Police Catch Driver Seven Times Over Alcohol Limit

A motorist in WA in the town of Katanning has been charged by police after blowing nearly 7 times over the legal blood alcohol limit. Officers in the town which is about 277km south-east of Perth posted a picture on

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Irish People Try American Alcohol

The Irish certainly have their share of iconic alcohol brands from Guinness to Jameson to Baileys to name a few, but what happens when Irish people drink alcohol from other parts of the world, especially from countries that may not

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New Sunshine Coast Program Tackles Alcohol at Grass Roots Level

A program has been launched on the Sunshine Coast to tackle alcohol and drug harm at grass roots level. The Federal Government and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation have announced a Local Drug Action Team which will operate in the

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Budweiser Introduces Beer Made with George Washingtons Personal Recipe

George Washington made his own beer recipe which he wrote about in his personal military journal from 1757 during the French Indian War. Now the recipe is serving as the inspiration for Budweiser with its latest Freedom Reserve Red Lager.

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Awesome Bartender Pouring Techniques

Here are 13 awesome pouring techniques for bartenders to make you look cool. Whether you’re pouring for a living, looking to increase those tips or simply hosting a cocktail party, here’s how to pour with style.

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Your Heart Before and After Alcohol

A recent picture posted on showed just how much damaged excessive drinking can do to the human heart. The post showed a healthy heart next to the heart of someone with alcoholic cardiomyopathy. The deadly heart condition is triggered

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Make a Yoda Inspired Cocktail

Here’s one for the Star Wars buffs – a sour Yoda-inspired cocktail from Why not impress your friends with a screening party and matching Star Wars cocktails?

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