Price Hike of Alcohol in The NT

Cheap alcohol in the Northern Territory may soon be a thing of the past as it is set to become the first place to set a minimum price for alcohol in Australia. Wine is cheaper than water in the Top

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Here’s How to Avoid Getting Too Drunk

Knowing when to stop and drinking responsibly and in moderation are the signs of a mature drinker. Getting drunk may seem cool when you’re young but you soon realise the impact on your health, weight, skin and overall wellbeing of

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Make The Easiest Cocktail from The Movie Cocktail

If you loved the classic Tom Cruise movie that made being a bartender cool “Cocktail”, then why not recreate the Cuba Libre cocktail from the movie. Your movies may not be as smooth as Cruise’s but you can still make

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Rum Punch Drink Recipe

As summer draws to a close, there’s no better way to say goodbye than a fruit rum punch. This delicious recipe is so easy and quick to make, especially in large batches which makes it perfect for parties or gatherings.

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Sweetheart Jello Shots

Sweetheart candy has made a major comeback, especially with Kim Kardashian’s latest fragrance Kimoji Hearts. These sweetheart jello shots not only look so cool but taste amazing and they’re sure to add that special touch to any occasion.

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Mad Men’s Rum French Toast

What could be better than mixing your favourite breakfast recipe with your favourite alcohol? Well maybe not breakfast but brunch and  maybe not on a daily basis but just when you’re on holiday unless you’re part of the cast of

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Beer Lovers Try Spicy Beers

Do you fancy yourself a beer lover? What would you think of a spicy beer? Some people prefer to stick to the traditional beer tastes but others are more adventurous. In this BuzzFeed video we watch the reactions of beer

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Stabbing Incident Caused by Alcohol

The ugly side of alcohol that comes when it is abused was revealed in a gruesome incident in the community of Kalano, near Katherine in Darwin recently. A 25 year old man died after being involved in a fight with

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Ulcer Treatment Causes Man to Blow Excessive Alcohol Reading

A motorist in Melbourne was recently startled to discover that he had blown over the legal blood alcohol limit, despite not having a drink. He had applied Bonjela gel to an ulcer in his mouth. He was stopped on Australia

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Police Want St Kilda Foreshore Ban

Police are pushing for a alcohol ban along St Kilda foreshore permanently in order to end the anti-social behaviour in the area.   The call from police and local businesses came after a wild Christmas party left the area completely

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