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The Illegal Drink Canadians are Drinking instead of Alcohol

The manufacturers of a new drink in Canada have touted it for being able to give you an alcohol-like buzz without getting you drunk or causing a hangover. Pace is a new drink being sold in Canada, yellowish in appearance

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St Kilda Traders Resist Alcohol Ban following Violence

St Kilda’s become synonymous with drunkenness and bad behaviour especially over the holidays as scores of revellers make their way to the area. That led to police calling for a foreshore alcohol ban, in the hopes that it would prevent

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A Nutritionist Advises The Healthiest Alcohol

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and with that will probably come partying and more partying but before you wreck your diet and break your healthy eating habits that you’ve been so dedicated to all year, consider what a nutritionist

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Party-goers Say Alcohol Prices Promoting Drug Use

While authorities push up the price of alcohol in the hopes of curbing abuse, young Australians are being driven to buy illegal drugs instead, which is illegal. Young people have admitted that spending $30 on a pill is preferable when

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Quality and Quantity of Organic Wine in Australia Drives Popularity

Organic wines have grown in popularity in Australia and part of this is because of the high quality and quantity of organic wines available locally. There’s been a push in the demand for organic products on the whole and wine

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Diageo’s Anti-Underage Drinking Program Goes Around Australia

Diageo Australia has taken its successful education project The Smashed Project back to the ACT and introduced it to Victoria. The project is a theatre-in-education project that attempts to address the dangers of underage drinking and reducing alcohol-related harm to

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Mayor Says The Northern Territory’s Controversial Alcohol Floor Price Is Doomed To Failure

The Northern Territory’s alcohol floor price has been a source of contention with Darwin mayor being the latest to criticise the effectiveness of the plan. Darwin Lord Mayor Kon Vatskalis said alcoholics will pay anything for a fix so a

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Experts Say You Shouldn’t Put Vodka in the Freezer

We’ve probably all gotten the advice before that vodka should be stored in the freezer but now an expert says we shouldn’t. According to vodka expert and creator of Grey Goose vodka, Francois Thibault, this is the last thing we

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The Best Advice for Making Cocktails in A Large Batch

If you’re planning on entertaining this festive season you don’t want to miss this video. One of the biggest hassles when throwing a party is the drinks, especially if you want to make a signature cocktail because you don’t want

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Make a Negroni Blitz Cocktail

If you’re a fan of the traditional Negroni cocktail, you must give this twist a try. It’s every bit as bitter as the original and just as delicious. The Negroni Blitz cocktail is a little different in that it includes

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