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Ice is Best for Whiskey

A recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports, and posted on claims that a small amount of water, for example from ice, can actually make your whiskey taste better. This is contrary to the widely held belief that

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Classic Whiskey Cocktail

Here’s a Prohibition era whisky cocktail with rich depth in taste and history. If you’re a fan of the sweet and sour quality of vermouth and the sweetness of grenadine, this is the perfect cocktail for you, it’s also so

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Camping Just Got More Fun with These Cocktails

If you love whisky and you love camping then you need to watch this video. Even if you believe in packing light when you go camping, all you need are a few small items to make these delicious whisky cocktails

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Another Teen Loses His Life to Alcohol Fuelled Violence

A teenager was killed after a pub brawl recently, highlighting that the alcohol fuelled violence still plaguing many entertainment districts is out of hand. As a post on pointed out, every state in Australia is battling with this issue

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World’s Best Single Malt

It’s no wonder that whiskey is growing in popularity with the array of whiskeys on offer. One of the best is one from the most northerly distillery on the Scottish mainland which recently won the World Whiskies Awards. A post

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Cheap Whisky Taste Test

Is it worth drinking cheap whiskey or should you just give them a miss completely? These scotch experts try cheap whiskey for you so you dont have to.  

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Whisky Slush Cocktail perfect for Summer

Although we’re technically still in Spring, this cooling Whisky Slush cocktail will get you in the mood for summer.  

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What We’re Drinking in 2015

According to an article on the popularity of gin is growing while beer consumption is down. Among wines Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz are the most popular among Australians but overall as a nation we’re generally drinking less, according to

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Whisky Growing in Popularity Among Women

Men aren’t the only ones whose taste for whisky is growing. Women too are beginning to appreciate a good whisky. In Australia women are also opting for complex flavors offered by whisky, no longer just for mature males. In the

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Learn to Pick the Right Glass

Whisky tasting has become a popular past time, even giving wine tasting some competition. If  you plan on jumping on the whisky bandwagon, having whisky tastings at your venue or just serving it, there are some things you need to

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