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Three Cocktails Every Man Should Know

Whisky isn’t just for the guys, but here are 3 “manly” cocktails made from whisky. If you’re bored with the same old whisky on the rocks option, one of these are sure to do the trick.

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Game of Thrones Whisky Range Released

Game of Thrones has released 8 bottles of single malt scotch whisky, each coming from a famous Scottish distillery. If you’re a GOT fan, you’ll love the whisky with each one paired with a House of Westeros or the Night’s

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Get Ready for Gin Month

November is Gin month at bars and clubs and even if you’ve never been a fan, gin has been growing in popularity in recent years. Gin month also happens to coincide with the launch of the world’s first cannabis gin,

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Here’s Why You Should Start Drinking Whisky

In Australia we love our beer and our wine but whisky is something that’s been reserved for special occasions. But we should be breaking out the whisky more often, not  only because of its quality and the care that goes

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These are The World’s Biggest Selling Spirits Brands

One of the most important aspects of the job, especially in hospitality is knowing what your patrons want. In a bar, restaurant, pub or club that will involve serving alcohol and you’re probably well aware of what spirits your patrons

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How To Knock Back A Boilermaker

A Boilermaker, (the combination of beer and shot whisky) has had a reputation of being a manly drink but now there’s a new appreciation for this 2 part drink and a new way to drink it. Here’s a more sophisticated

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“Experiment With Whisky” Expert Says

Glenfiddich’s Malt Master Brian Kinsman tells bartenders to experiment with his whiskies instead of simply sticking to the conventional whisky and coke. Recently speaking at the release of the 1977 Rare Collection Cask No 15176 which will retail at $4352

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Japanese Whisky at Its Best

The Japanese have become experts at whisky making, since they began making it in the 1920s. Here’s one of the drinks that best showcases their whisky – The Japanese Highball. It’s called a highball because it’s usually served over ice

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Want to Start Appreciating Whisky, Here’s What You Should Know

If you want to start drinking whisky but don’t know where to start, there’s an article on that can give you some guidance as to what to drink and how to drink it. With an array of whiskeys available,

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What Irish Drinkers Think About American Cocktails

The Irish are known for giving the world such alcoholic treasures as Guinness and Jameson, and its pretty well known that they know their alcohol. So let’s see what they think of these American cocktails?

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