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Warning to Parents Not to Supply Teens with Alcohol

According to experts, parents buying their teenagers alcohol aren’t helping them drink in moderation. Although some parents think by supplying alcohol to their underage kids they are allowing them to drink in a safe environment, research shows it may actually

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New Programs Halve the Rate of Binge Drinking in Teenagers

Researchers have found that they can predict the personality traits of teenagers at high risk of becoming binge drinkers with 90 per cent accuracy. Studies found that impulsiveness, sensitivity  to anxiety and sensation and hopelessness are the traits in teenagers

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Mother Issues Warning After Teenage Son Almost Dies of Alcohol Poisoning

A mother is reminding parents about the dangers of peer pressure after her son almost died after drinking shots of vodka at school. Jo Owen shared her story on social media after she found her son slumped over from alcohol

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Father Charged after Throwing Alcohol Party for Teenage Daughter

A 39 year old man from Michigan threw his daughter and her friends an alcohol fuelled party, before engaging in a sexual act with one of the 16 year old girls present. The man, and his wife provided alcohol for

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Strict Underage Alcohol Policing

Aldi and other bottle shops are taking their responsible service of alcohol very seriously. In fact if a minor so much as touches a bottle of alcohol, the adult accompanying them is denied alcohol sales. In some NSW South Coast

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Kids Given First Taste of Alcohol by Parents Less Likely to Binge Drink

If you’re one of those parents who give their underage kids alcohol, you may actually be doing them a favour, if a recent Australian study is to be believed. The study by he National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC)

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Don’t Provide Alcohol to School Leavers or Risk a Fine

It isn’t just alcohol servers in licensed premises who risk massive fines for serving alcohol to minors, in WA one person has been charged with providing alcohol to a minor on an unlicensed premises without the consent of a parent

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Study Shows Caffeinated Alcohol Like Cocaine To Teenagers

We’ve already learned about the risks of caffeinated alcoholic beverages but now a researcher has discovered that the effects on teenagers may be worse than previously thought. While energy drinks loaded with caffeine are often marketed towards teenagers, mixing alcohol

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Minor Dresses Up as Mum to Purchase Alcohol

An unidentified British youngster dressed up as his mother and swiped her work ID card before successfully buying alcohol at a local bottle store. The boy apparently tricked a store clerk into serving him by wearing a getup including a

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Liquor License Suspended Over Failure to Check ID

An incident that resulted in a $1100 fine for a licensee and suspension of his liquor license for 3 days is a reminder that we need to check the IDs of anyone who appears under the age of 25 when

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