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Sydney Gets a Sparkling Wine Festival

Sparkling wine has definitely grown in popularity over the past few years and the Sparkling wine festive ‘Sparkling Sydney’ will celebrate all that the sparkling wine industry locally and internationally has to offer. The event which launches at Pirrama Park,

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These Suburbs Love Champagne- According to Cellarmasters

According to data from wine retailer Cellarmasters, people from Sydney’s affluent Mosman suburb are the biggest lovers of champagne. Residents of this shore suburb have bought more champagne than any other postcode in Australia over the past year and this

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Why You Don’t Need Special Glassware for Sparkling Wine

Did you hear that champagne and sparkling wine must be consumed out of a champagne flute? If so, you like me were misinformed. According to an article on you don’t need champagne flutes for your sparkling wine. The only

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