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Alcohol Deaths High in Regional NSW

A recent post highlighted the difficulties of life in drought-affected rural NSW where alcohol deaths are high. People in regional and remote communities of NSW are having to endure the harms of alcohol misuse, an issue which the NSW/ACT Alcohol

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How Effective is the “Hair of The Dog” method in Overcoming a Hangover?

Have you ever heard of the “hair of the dog” method for overcoming hangovers? It’s the method of drinking more alcohol to overcome the symptoms of a hangover, but does it really work? This method is meant to “cure” symptoms

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Venues Investigated for Suspected Supply of Alcohol to Minors

A bar in Clifton in Queensland is facing fines of up to $10,000 under the Liquor Licensing Act after allegedly providing an underage boy with alcohol. Police received tip-offs that the Clifton establishment was supplying alcohol to minors and increased

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Locations Featured on Violent Venues List Declines

The NSW Government has released it’s latest half-yearly violent venues list and thankfully we’ve seen a decline in the number of venues listed. Liquor & Gaming NSW Deputy Secretary Paul Newson, said the results show that levels of alcohol-related violence

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Moderate Drinking Could Be Key to Longer Life

According to a new study, drinking a couple of beers or glasses of wine may actually extend your life. The University of California study examined data from 1700 people who were in their 90s by 2003. Researchers examined people who

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Study Reveals More Than 1 Drink A Day Risky to Your Health

New research which analysed more than half a million drinkers worldwide suggests alcohol consumption should be limited to below 100g or just under 10 standard Australian drinks over a 7 day period. The research found that consumption of alcohol lowered

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Parents Should Monitor Their Own Drinking in front of Kids

“Wine o’clock” has become something that mothers across Australia have become accustomed to but experts are urging parents to re-consider their own drinking and the message it’s sending to their kids. Experts say children’s perception of drinking is formed in

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Hay-fever Sufferers, Swap Beer for Gin and Tonic

A UK  study has found that changing your tipple of choice can improve the symptoms of hayfever you may be suffering from. For non-allergic reactions, the study says swap the beer and wine for the classic gin and tonic. Although

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How to Tell When You’ve Had Enough to Drink

We all know the consequences of heavy drinking, immediate consequences as well as the long term effects but how do you know when you’ve had enough? The American Heart Association recommends that if you drink regularly, moderation is defined by

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Campaign Reminds Young People to Drink Responsibly This Holiday Season

DrinkWise launched its latest campaign, targeting young adults, the group identified by researchers as the heaviest binge drinkers. According to research, young adults are consuming 5 or more standard drinks on a night out (21 per cent) as compared to

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