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Want to Live Past 90? Alcohol and Caffeine can Help.

A recent study found that people who drank coffee and alcohol actually lived longer than people who abstained from both. The 90+ study was conducted by the researchers at the Clinic for Aging Research and Education in California. The study

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Licensee Who allowed Intoxication Fined $2500

  A licensee in Wollongong learned the hard way about the importance of Responsible Service of Alcohol after allowing intoxication. The Hotel Illawarra licensee was fined $2500 after pleading guilty in court for allowing intoxication at the venue. The intoxication

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How to Drink without Ruining Your Diet

Did you start the year out on a diet but don’t know how to incorporate your social drinking into your healthy eating plan?You’re not alone. Alcoholic beverages can in fact ruin your diet but it doesn’t have to. Here’s what

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Why Some People Suffer from Worse Anxiety after Drinking

  Have you ever noticed how some people suffer from worse anxiety than others when they drink? Well researchers think they know why. Some people are more vulnerable to anxiety after drinking due to physiological factors. According to Professor Nicole

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How To Avoid Excessive Drinking

If you’ve noticed your drinking getting a little excessive or if your body’s been taking the strain of too much alcohol, you may find these tips helpful in avoiding excessive drinking, Drink slowly. One of the biggest problems causing excessive

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Royal Life Saving Society Urging People Not to Drink and Swim

  Following the revelation that male drowning victims are often under the influence of alcohol, the Royal Life Saving Society has urged people not to drink and swim. New data from the Royal Life Saving Society revealed that 18 per

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NSW Extended Trading Hours During Special Events

The NSW Government recently announced extended hotel and club trading hours for the Australian Open tennis men’s final, Tamworth country music festival and the AFC Asian Cup. The extensions form part of the state government’s commitment to major cultural and

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Doctors Say Alcohol is Emergency Departments Biggest Preventable Issue

Australia’s peak body for emergency medicine urged people to drink more responsibly by knowing their limits. Although the call came over the Christmas holidays, it’s a message that stands all year through. A new survey of 100 emergency departments across

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Alcohol may be Harder to Stomach as You Age

A psychologist warned that seniors may be more vulnerable to alcoholism because as we age, it takes longer for our bodies to break down alcohol. Brad Lander, an addiction medicine specialist at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Centre said tolerance

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Health Groups Call for Action to Ban Cheap Alcohol via Afterpay

  In a submission to a Senate inquiry into credit and financial services, the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) say vulnerable people are being enticed into buying alcohol by extremely low upfront costs associated with “buy now pay

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