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Pregnancy Drinking Warning Labels on Bottles Made Compulsory

After 7 years of lobbying by health ministers, soon every bottle of alcohol in Australia will carry a pregnancy warning label. In 2011 alcohol companies were given a 7 year window to implement the labels and currently 75 per cent

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Tips to Help You Drink Responsibly

If your drinking has gotten out of hand or you’re just trying to cut down, you may want to consider these tips to help you drink moderately and responsibly. 1. Understand why you should drink less Whether you’re concerned about

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Three Million Killed due to Harmful Alcohol Use

Three million people worldwide are killed annually due to harmful alcohol use, according to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO). The report says the number of people who died due to harmful alcohol use in 2016, represented 1

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Why You Shouldn’t Drink on An Empty Stomach

One of the ways to drink responsibly is to ensure you don’t drink on an empty stomach. An informative video from Youtube highlights what happens to your stomach when you drink alcohol without eating anything. Opt for something high in

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Study Claims Alcohol Increases Diabetics Health Risks

A study has emerged which claims people with diabetes are more likely to die by suicide, alcohol consumption related causes or an accident. According to researchers at the University of Helsinki and University of Tampere, mental health problems linked with

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Study Reveals Number of Alcohol Deaths Globally

According to a new study from the World Health Organisation (WHO), alcohol is responsible for 3 million deaths worldwide. Five percent of deaths on the planet are linked to alcohol and three quarters of those killed are male. In other

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Everything You Need to Know About Alcohol

A recent article on money website highlighted some important facts about alcohol that every drinker should know, whether you drink moderately or socially, and even if you binge drink it’s interesting to note that, Alcohol is responsible for more

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NT First Territory to Introduce Alcohol Floor Price

As of 1 October the Northern Territory has become the first Australian jurisdiction to have an alcohol floor price. Canada and Scotland recently introduced similar floor prices to reduce alcohol harm and according to public health experts, other state governments

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Can Type2 Diabetes Sufferers Drink Alcohol?

People are commonly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes – a form of diabetes that causes the level of sugar in the blood to become too high, if not properly  handled it can cause eye, heart and nerve issues. People with

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Changes to Victorias Liquor Laws Regarding Minors

The Victorian Government, earlier this year, passed the Liquor and Gambling Legislation Amendment Act 2018 (LGLA Act), amending the Liquor Reform Act 1998 (LCR Act). The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) urged all liquor licensees to understand

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