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Cocaine Use and Other Things Gets Licensee a Life Time Ban

A former licensee of a Sydney club has been handed a lifetime ban and $10,000 fine for allowing multiple licence breaches including allowing cocaine use. The case was described by the NSW Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority as one of

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Good Beer Week to Return to Melbourne this year

Good Beer Week is returning to Melbourne this May from the 10th to the 19th and will feature a number of events around the city and state of Victoria. Beer is one of Australia’s favourite drinks so this year’s event

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Teens Using Drugs and Alcohol to Cope with Bullying

Bullied teenagers and young adults are using alcohol and drugs to handle bullying. Data from 2018 has shown that 380,000 people aged between 14 and 25 experienced cyber bullying. New researcher has prompted renewed calls for bullying to be recognised

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Australian Working Mums Asking for Help Cutting Down on Alcohol

Although we often associate drinking problems with men, health experts say more Australian women are turning to the bottle to cope with the stresses of daily life. The gap between how much alcohol men drink versus women is narrowing and

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Dads’ Heavy Drinking Could be Influencing Teenager Girls The Worst

Fathers, your drinking may be influencing your daughters. A study out of the Griffith Criminology Institute found that teenage girls are more likely to try alcohol by 14 or 15 if their dads are heavy drinkers. The study by Jacqueline

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Here’s How to Stop Drinking Too Much

If your drinking is starting to get a little embarrassing or perhaps you’re beyond embarrassing when you drink and have started becoming a risk to yourself and/or a menace to others, here’s how you can stop drinking too much. Get

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Want to Live Past 90? Alcohol and Caffeine can Help.

A recent study found that people who drank coffee and alcohol actually lived longer than people who abstained from both. The 90+ study was conducted by the researchers at the Clinic for Aging Research and Education in California. The study

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Licensee Who allowed Intoxication Fined $2500

A licensee in Wollongong learned the hard way about the importance of Responsible Service of Alcohol after allowing intoxication. The Hotel Illawarra licensee was fined $2500 after pleading guilty in court for allowing intoxication at the venue. The intoxication happened

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How to Drink without Ruining Your Diet

Did you start the year out on a diet but don’t know how to incorporate your social drinking into your healthy eating plan?You’re not alone. Alcoholic beverages can in fact ruin your diet but it doesn’t have to. Here’s what

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Why Some People Suffer from Worse Anxiety after Drinking

Have you ever noticed how some people suffer from worse anxiety than others when they drink? Well researchers think they know why. Some people are more vulnerable to anxiety after drinking due to physiological factors. According to Professor Nicole Lee

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