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New Bar where Patrons Serve Themselves

Australia’s first self-service bar where customers can pull the beers themselves straight from the tap is going to be launched at Mooloolaba. The owner Steven Barber has predicted that the idea would be a success with patrons eager to serve

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Man Jailed after being Caught Drink Driving 9 Times

A Mooree man has been jailed after being caught for the ninth time driving over the legal drinking limit. A magistrate sentenced the man to 2 years imprisonment before blasting him for his behaviour. The 49 year old man, Kevin

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Is Alcohol more Harmful than Drugs?

As RSA staff, we need to be aware of the danger our actions may present for our patrons especially when we neglect responsible service of alcohol laws and serve unduly intoxicated patrons more alcohol than we should. It is because

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Harbour Boats Serving Alcohol Face New Controls

According to senior NSW police, party boats on Sydney Harbour are unfairly exempt from the harsh liquor laws and regulations that apply to other licence venues, making them mere “pubs without rules”. Apparently the party boats are causing huge problems

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NSW warned to Change Alcohol Habits

The public in NSW have been urged by both the state premier and police commissioner to change their ways and culture of binge drinking after hundreds of arrests linked to alcohol fuelled violence during Operation Unite recently. The national blitz

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NSW Government to Ease Alcohol Restrictions

The government of NSW has recently released its new guidelines on alcohol promotion, prompting the opposition and Greens to declare the alcohol lobby the winner, much to their dismay. The new guidelines ban the use of merchandise, interactive games or

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Alcohol Measures to be implemented in NSW

Members of the hospitality industry and Responsible Service of Alcohol staff in particular need to be aware of the new alcohol measures being implemented by the NSW state government to help curb binge drinking and alcohol fuelled misconduct in the

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Abbott urged by O’Farrell Government to hold national Alcohol Summit

According to media reports, the O’Farrell Government is expected to urge Prime Minister Tony Abbott to show leadership on the issue of alcohol abuse and has also backed calls for a national alcohol summit which the Australian Medical Association made

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Study Finds Alcohol Does not cause Depression

According to clinical neuroscientists from The University of Western Australia, there is no truth to the belief that alcohol directly causes depression. This has been a long standing belief however scientists have now disproved this theory. According to a Professor

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Minister Warns That Alcohol and Water Shouldn’t Mix This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again and many of us will be enjoying a lot more time outdoors with the weather heating up. It’s the time of year we look forward to the most and is characterized by fun in

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