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Learning About Wine

The School of Psychology at the University of Sydney recently conducted a study into whether novices can become wine experts. According to Dr Alex Russell who has now completed a Phd on the subject, anyone can become a wine expert

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Why You Need Responsible Service of Alcohol Training

If you are currently employed at a licensed venue that serves alcohol, or if you plan on working at a restaurant, club, pub or bar that sells alcohol you are probably already aware that you must complete Responsible Service of

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Tutorial on Speed Bartending

Do you work in a busy bar? Is your ability to increase your tips dependent upon being able to serve drinks correctly and quickly the first time round? Then this speed bartending tutorial video is for you! But even when

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Video Shows Freestyling Flair Bartender

Here’s another flair bartending video. This time a bartender freestyles outdoors in a park. Can you learn these moves?  

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Don’t Try Scaring Teens Out of Drinking

An article on recently highlighted the danger of trying to “scare” teens away from alcohol consumption. While parents hold most of the responsibility when it comes to teaching their kids about drinking, servers of alcohol also have a role

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NSW Alcohol Policy Alliance want Defenders Office to Tackle Community Impact of Alcohol

The impact of alcohol on the community in NSW has been highlighted by the NSW Alcohol Policy Alliance. The alliance wants a community defenders office to be established in order to tackle the impact of alcohol on the community and

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Parents Urged to Educate Kids about Mixing Alcohol and Energy Drinks

We should all be aware by now that mixing alcohol with energy drinks is dangerous but a new study which examines the impact of the growing trend among young adults has led experts to urge parents to make their kids

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RSA Update: Young People being hospitalised for Alcohol Withdrawal

One of the most important duties of RSA staff is ensuring that they do not serve alcohol to underage minors and another is that they do not serve alcohol to unduly intoxicated patrons. One of the reasons for these rules

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Sad outcome of Foetal Alcohol Poisoning

For any women out there who still think that drinking during pregnancy is safe, recently posted an article which highlighted the danger of alcohol to a foetus from the perspective of an affected young man. The article was about

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Drinking not the cause of Cognitive Impairment in Men

According to the latest research out of the University of Western Australia, older men who drink alcohol are not more likely to suffer from cognitive impairment in later life as previously thought. Professor Osvaldo Almeida, the research director at The

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