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Man Murdered for Drinking his Friend’s Beer

The ugly face of alcohol fuelled violence has been revealed in a tragic and brutal incident involving 3 friends. The incident which resulted in the death of one of the friends started over a beer. A court in the Northern

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Responsible Service of Alcohol Update: Alcohol Effects on Young Girls

Parents as well as others in a position to provide alcohol to underage youth need to be aware of the harm that it can and is doing to young people in Oz. A recent article on highlighted the trouble

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Warning Attempts to Introduce Children to Drinking Risks

A warning has been issued to parents of British teens that they should be banned from having any alcohol. The warning aims to introduce children to drinking risks which could develop into alcohol addictions later in life. Although many parents

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Total Ban on Alcohol for Drivers…possible solution to Drink Driving Crashes?

One of the problems currently plaguing Australian roads is the number of drink driving crashes that occur each week, but the issue is not unique to Oz, it seems countries around the world are grappling with the same issue. There

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Professor Tackles Alcohol Abuse in Youngsters

A professor at The University of Wollongong, Prof. Sandra Jones has conveyed some new insights into combatting alcohol abuse in young people, advice she hopes will be useful. Alcohol abuse is a growing problem among NSW youth and officials are

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Reckless Patrons to be held Accountable by the Law

I read an interesting article the other day on the website, which explained that according to the law, patrons are still legally accountable for their reckless behaviour and any reckless acts they may engage in while on licenced premises

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Sydney Nightlife Update

The police’s crackdown on alcohol fuelled violence across Sydney during Operation Unite has resulted in the arrest of a staggering 300 people in one night. It is shocking to think that a night on the town is an occasion where

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Undercover Investigations to Root Out Sly Groggers

If media reports are to be believed, police in Cairns will be appointing an investigator to target illegal liquor trading in the outer Torres Strait. This disturbing, illegal sale of alcohol has been identified as one of the leading causes

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Bizarre Drunken Incident Apparently Involved Female Police Officer

A strange alcohol induced incident involving a female police officer was reported on The officer, a member of the NSW Mounted Police Force apparently rode a forklift in a late night drunken rampage at Australia’s agricultural showcase, The Sydney

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Disturbing Alcohol Crime on the Rise

Isn’t it strange that even though alcohol consumption is decreasing, disturbing crimes linked to alcohol seems to be on the rise? Statistics show that the quantity of alcohol seems to be on the decline but never before has Australia been

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