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Brisbane Faces Hospitality Staff Crisis

According to experts, Queensland is facing a hospitality staffing crisis, as proposed Brisbane tourism developments are expected to create 9000 extra jobs by the year 2020. The problem facing the industry is that it is struggling to attract talent due

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Cool Idea : Edible Shot Glasses

Came across this really cool idea on Youtube – no shot glasses? Then make your own! And they are edible!  

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Tips for Hiring Hospitality Staff

In the hospitality industry hiring good employees can be particularly challenging, especially employees that you want to stay long term. Finding the best staff can be broken down into 3 steps, according to recruitment specialists Frontline Hospitality  in an article

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Flair Bartending Expo 2015 – Video

Watch some flair bartending greatness from this year’s expo held in Milan Darsena. Who said flair bartending was just just for bars?  

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Responsible Service of Alcohol Training: Researchers Find Gene that Regulates Alcohol Consumption

Could binge drinking and alcohol abuse be a matter of genetics? A group of UK researchers seem to think so. They discovered that there is a gene that regulates alcohol consumption and when “faulty” this gene can cause excessive drinking

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Police to fight Alcohol-related violence in night hot-spots

Revellers who take to the streets in Sydney’s hotspots should be aware that police intend on taking a very firm approach to alcohol-related misconduct especially over the weekend. According to the NSW opposition, police should begin their fight by introducing

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Alcohol News Update: How not to react to an Unruly Customer

As a worker in a licenced venue, there is a certain amount of tact and skill required to keep customers, co-workers and yourself safe, especially since alcohol has been linked to violence in entertainment districts across Oz. The responsible service

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New One-Shot Cocktail Menu to address Binge Drinking in Kings Cross

A restaurant bar in Sydney’s King Cross district has launched a new “one shot” cocktail menu following the introduction of alcohol restrictions for venues in the district. The new regulations implemented in the area limit the bars in it from

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RSA Update: Teens Combining Alcohol with Drugs

According to research that has emerged in Canada, students are commonly mixing alcohol with energy drinks. This mixture of alcohol and energy drinks is causing major concerns in that country. Around 1 in five students, particularly those in high school

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RSA NSW Online: Entertainment Districts Violence Down in Sydney

Strong progress on violence in pubs Sydney has been plagued with a bout of alcohol fuelled violence since the beginning of this year, so as the year draws to a close it is pleasing to note that this social problem

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