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Bartender works Magic with Ice

Some say Las Vegas is the home of flair bar-tending. This Sin City bartender does some amazing things with ice. Learn his tricks in the video below, just don’t forget when impressing your customers that safety comes first!

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“Palcohol” – Latest Trend in Alcohol

The latest alcohol product to hit the market is Palcohol – powered alcohol. The US government has recently approved the sale of Palcohol and it is likely to hit our shores soon, something the Victorian Government is working to stop.

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Mango Daiquiri- Easy Summer Cocktail Recipe

This easy Daiquiri recipe is perfect for cooling down on a hot summer afternoon. Apparently with its origins in Havana, Cuba this cocktail delivers on the refreshing, tropical taste. 2 mangoes, peeled and flesh roughly chopped ½ cup white rum 1

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Alcohol Induced Cancer Deaths on the Increase in USA

Making sure that you do not serve alcohol to unduly intoxicated customers is part of RSA law. Avoiding contributing to binge drinking and the many social problems that it inspires is something taught by the Responsible Service of Alcohol course.

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The Fortnightly Hospitality News Wrap-Up: Are You Contributing to Alcohol Induced Crimes?

Employees in the hospitality industry must ensure they don’t contribute to the alcohol fuelled problems plaguing our entertainment districts. In order to do this, hospitality employees need to be aware of their responsibilities according to the law. The Responsible Service

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More Evidence for Drinking in Moderation

By Tara Angkor Hotel Alcohol is an excellent way of unwinding and making us more sociable but when we abuse it alcohol can become our biggest threat. There are various social, physiological and emotional problems that binge drinkers expose themselves

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Drink Driving Offences a Growing Problem

A rather disturbing trend in South Australia, and in fact throughout Oz, is the number of people who are still drinking and driving. I came across an interesting post recently which detailed the issue of drivers who are forced to

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Article Posts for Week Ending October 26,2012

Here is a list of the articles posted on our blog this last week: Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate for NSW residents Getting to Know Wine Health Benefits of Beer Learn to Prevent a Hangover NSW and SA Ban Liquid

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