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Global Safety Conference Recognises Alcohol as Leading Cause of Harm

Global safety experts recently met in Bangkok where they discussed the harmful use of alcohol. They say harmful alcohol use contributes to morbidity, injury and violence which can cause all types of injury. Experts at the conference said the alcohol

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Can Type2 Diabetes Sufferers Drink Alcohol?

People are commonly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes – a form of diabetes that causes the level of sugar in the blood to become too high, if not properly  handled it can cause eye, heart and nerve issues. People with

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Does Abstaining from Alcohol Have Health Benefits

A recent post on discussed the numerous charity initiatives prompting people to abstain from alcohol for the month of October for various causes in the UK and whether this was of any benefit to our health. Researchers found that

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Here’s Why You Should Start Drinking Whisky

In Australia we love our beer and our wine but whisky is something that’s been reserved for special occasions. But we should be breaking out the whisky more often, not  only because of its quality and the care that goes

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Woman Charged with Riding Horse to Bottle Shop While 4x Over Legal Limit

Police in Logan, south of Brisbane recently charged a 51 year old woman who allegedly rode a horse to a bottle shop while she was more than 4 times over the legal alcohol limit. Officers were called to a tavern

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Here’s How to Avoid Getting Too Drunk

Knowing when to stop and drinking responsibly and in moderation are the signs of a mature drinker. Getting drunk may seem cool when you’re young but you soon realise the impact on your health, weight, skin and overall wellbeing of

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People Answer Questions before and After Drinking

Although the video below is quite funny, it reveals an important truth about drinking, it affects our brains, our thinking and subsequently the way we act and things we say. In this video people answer questions about love, first sober

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This Is What Happens to Your Body After Drinking

If you consume 5 or more standard drinks in one night, under current guidelines you’re described as “single occasion risky drinkers”. While summer is the time to enjoy yourself, its important we don’t overdo it because in addition to the

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Don’t Be Too Silly Over The Festive Season

Psychologist and public health expert Dr Bosco Rowland is reminding New Year’s revelers to drink responsibly and consider not only the immediate consequences of excessive alcohol consumption but the long term effects as well. Men and women are advised not

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When is It Safe to Mix Alcohol and Medication

So you’re recovering from the flu but still taking your medication, when will it be safe to have a drink? We have all heard those “horror stories” of people who mixed alcohol with medicine and died so we don’t want

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