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Two Australian bars make the top 10 of the World’s 50 Best Bar list

Two of Australia’s leading bars have made it onto the World’s 50 Best Bars list, and they’ve not just made it onto the list, but they made it into the top 10. The 2 impressive establishments are Sydney’s the Baxter’s

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Starting to Serve Alcohol? Don’t Forget your RSA Certificate

Are you starting to serve alcohol or beginning to work in a licensed venue? You must complete Responsible Service of Alcohol training, regardless of the state you live and work in. The best way to complete Responsible Service of Alcohol

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Do You Know How to Stir a Cocktail

Every bartender needs to know how to make good cocktails but it takes more than just getting a recipe right. This quick video shows you the right way to stir.  

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Best Tip for New Bartenders

So you’v decided to take up bartending or perhaps you are a bartender that wants to improve your game, well  like a magician there are certain “secrets” that will help make you a better mixologist. On the DrinksStraighUp blog the

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This Retro Drinking Style is Making a Comeback!

Pineapples aren’t just delicious and super good for you, they also double as a tasty way to hold your drinks instead of the boring old glass. Now in bars and pubs across America, the pineapple, once reserved for drinking poolside

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New Low Alcohol Cocktails You Must Try

This low alcohol cocktails are perfect to try now as the weather begins to warm up and we start to take out parties outside. Because this is a low-alcohol recipe, you don’t have to worry about becoming tipsy after one

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Pub Drinking Games under Scrutiny in NSW

Concerns have been raised about the number of bars and pubs that have introduced various, creative drinking games to promote drinking at their venues. Various drinking games using milk bottles, plastic bags and even bottles have been thought up by

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Huge Expenses Face Adelaide Pubs

Adelaide pubs face huge costs to implement tougher new alcohol laws. The venues would be forced to close early if they didn’t want to close early and this would involve thousands of dollars to implement the laws. Introducing plastic cups

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Study Claims Lockout Law Figures Don’t Reflect Full Picture

A study by law lecturer from the University of Adelaide, Dr Mark Giancaspro says that lockout law figures may not be as accurate as we think. The introduction of 3:00am lockout laws in South Australia may not be the only

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Six of Sydney’s Inner West bars to Trial Lockout Laws Voluntarily

Six bars in Inner West Sydney have volunteered to have trial lockouts introduced, starting 1 September. The lockout rules will mean patrons will be locked out of bars from 3am on Friday and Saturdays nights. The trial will include a

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