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Powdered Alcohol Banned in Queensland

The Queensland Government is the latest in Australia to ban powdered alcohol, joining South Australia, Victoria and NSW. Powdered alcohol cannot be sold or supplied in Queensland after the state amended alcohol regulation which now describes powdered alcohol as an

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New York Bans Powered Alcohol

New York is the latest state to ban powdered alcohol/palcohol, following 20 other North American states. The substance was banned before it even hit the market in most states. The freeze-dried or dehydrated alcohol can either be consumed by itself

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Powdered Alcohol Banned in South Australia before it Even Arrived

Before it even hit the shelves, palcohol (powdered alcohol) will probably be banned in South Australia. The pre-emptive move by the state government is being pushed by Attorney-General John Rau who is also lobbying for a nationally consistent approach. According to

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Palcohol in Queensland May be Banned Before It Even Arrives

The state of Victoria has banned Palcohol (powdered alcohol) and NSW is drafting legislation to do the same. Queensland is also likely to follow their example. To make the alcoholic beverage, just add water to the sachet of powder and

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Poll Finds Most American Adults Want Palcohol Ban

The topic of powdered alcohol is a contentious one, with Victoria already banning palcohol. Some American states may soon follow suit, as this video shows most American adults are in favour of the ban.  

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Powdered Alcohol Banned in Victoria

Described by some at the sneakiest way to get drunk, Palcohol has been banned in Victoria. While people in Victoria wont be able to consume palcohol as an alternative to drinking your alcohol, other states have not adopted the ban

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