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Open a Bottle of Wine with a Spoon

Here’s a helpful bar trick that will not only impress your friends but is actually useful – opening a bottle of wine with a just a spoon. Watch the video to see how it’s done.  

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Three Awesome Tequila Cocktails to Try Today

We’re going through a bit of a tequila phase at the moment and if you’re anything like us you’ll love these Tequila cocktails. Take a trip to Mexico with these 3 awesome Tequila cocktails.

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The Best Cocktail for Your Star Sign

Do you believe your star sign has an impact on your personality and preferences? Then you’ll love this post on which matches your personality to your most compatible cocktail. Aquarius – Rose margarita Aries – Mulled wine Virgo –

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Try this Pumpkin Spiced Cocktail

Christmas may be over but you can keep the festive cheer going with this pumpkin spiced cocktail, that is so simple to make. This one is a nod to the American tradition of using spiced pumpkin in desserts and holiday

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Wow Guests with A Fog Burner when serving drinks

If you’re looking for something to wow your guests, this home made fog burner could be it. Learn how to make your cocktails “fog” literally. Here’s how it’s done.

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Making a Cocktail in 90seconds, Mid-air

Watch these flair bartenders as they give new meaning to the phrase “extreme bar-tending”. Let’s see how exactly one makes a cocktail while jumping out of a plane at thousands of feet.

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Best Tip for New Bartenders

So you’v decided to take up bartending or perhaps you are a bartender that wants to improve your game, well  like a magician there are certain “secrets” that will help make you a better mixologist. On the DrinksStraighUp blog the

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How To Make A Dirty Martini

Here’s how you make an old favourite, that’s still as popular today as it was in the past – a Dirty Martini.  

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