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Three Ways to Make a Martini

If you’ve just started out making cocktails, one you’ll definitely want to get under your belt is a classic Martini. The Martini is one of the most popular cocktails and is pretty simple to make. Here’s how it’s made –

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How to make a French Martini

If you’re looking for a fruity cocktail with a kick, this French Martini is it. Refreshing and delicious this cocktail that originated in the bars of New York, it is now popular whether you’re on a night out with the

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Bacardi-Martini Australia (BMA) officially Launched

With Bacardi Martini Australia becoming a 100 per cent owned, standalone subsidiary of the global Bacardi company, there are little changes for consumers but quite a few changes behind the scenes.  Most of the changes revolve around developing a culture

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Here’s How to Mix a Vodka Martini

Everyone thinks they know how to make this drink but in this Masterclass video you’ll learn the right way to make this old classic. You don’t need to be James Bond to appreciate this one!

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