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Increasing Number of People too Drunk to Walk but is Increasing Alcohol Price the Answer

Although statistics show that on the whole, we as a nation are drinking less, workers on the frontline say people that are abusing alcohol are doing so to a greater extent and with greater consequences, calling for a minimum floor

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Paramedics Say Girls Out-drinking Boys

According to information from paramedics and health researchers, an alarming number of under-age teenage girls in Perth are engaging in binge drinking to the extent that they require urgent medical attention. St John Ambulance WA has for the first time

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Responsible Service of Alcohol Update: Sobering Up Centres to Combat Alcohol Fuelled Problems

There has been a lot of talk recently about the new plans by police to have people locked up if they do not listen to the instructions of police and present a public nuisance in the entertainment districts. But what

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Drink Driving Offences a Growing Problem

A rather disturbing trend in South Australia, and in fact throughout Oz, is the number of people who are still drinking and driving. I came across an interesting post recently which detailed the issue of drivers who are forced to

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