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Video: Selling the Whisky Experience

While whisky use to be considered an old mans drink, more and more people are discovering this gem of the beverage world.  In this video Masterclass William Grant & Sons Whisky Specialist Laura Hay explores whisky tasting and gives hospitality vendors

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Is The Popularity of Game of Thrones Bringing Back this Ancient Brew?

Due to the popularity of Game of Thrones, mead seems to be making a comeback. The world’s oldest alcoholic drink was consumed by the ancient Egyptians, Vikings and Romans and now the modern world. It is predominantly a honey based

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Have a Fiesta with these cocktail recipes

Cinco DeMayo may be over, but its never too late to have a fiesta. Try this recipe to get into the party vibe SPICY MICHELADA Ingredients: Tajin seasoning Ice 2 limes, juiced ½ cup Clamato Dash Maggi Dash Tabasco 1

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Waitress Blunder Makes Toddler Drunk

In what can be described as extreme negligence on the part of a waitress at an American restaurant, a two year  patron was served alcohol in the form of sangria instead of the cranberry juice ordered. The parents of the

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Awesome Bartending Trick

This bartender must have practiced for hours. This domino-effect drinking trick is sure to impress even the harshest bar trick critics. Can you pull off this awesome trick?

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RSA NSW News: Workers best time to join the Hospitality Industry is now

Workers and prospective workers in the NSW hospitality sector will be pleased to note that a skills shortage in the sector is in fact driving up salaries. According to a leading recruitment firm, top level hospitality staff such as bar

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Bartending Tips for Beginners

So you’ve decided on a career in the hospitality industry but don’t know what’s next? Or have you obtained your RSA certificate, but not sure where to from here? Well the hospitality and entertainment industry is particularly exciting and rewarding,

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Responsible Service of Alcohol Update: Alcohol Servers, have you done all you can to reduce alcohol induced crimes?

By Lee Edwin Coursey Employees of the hospitality industry that are involved with the sale of alcohol must ensure that they do not contribute to the alcohol fuelled problems plaguing our entertainment districts. In order to do this they need to

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The Fortnightly Hospitality News Wrap-Up: How can you be a better bartender?

Why is it that certain people can make lucrative careers bartending, while for others it’s just a temporary way to make ends meet? It’s probably because some bartenders have learn what it takes to be exceptional. With many new people

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