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Look Forward to Hangover Free Alcohol in The Coming Years

One of the worst things about drinking is the risk of developing a hangover the next day, so a new hangover free option is sure to be a hit when it’s released on the market in the next 5 years

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How Effective is the “Hair of The Dog” method in Overcoming a Hangover?

Have you ever heard of the “hair of the dog” method for overcoming hangovers? It’s the method of drinking more alcohol to overcome the symptoms of a hangover, but does it really work? This method is meant to “cure” symptoms

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Drunk Walking May Be As Dangerous as Drunk Driving

Although we’re all aware of how dangerous and illegal driving under the influence of alcohol is, drink walking can be just as deadly. It’s so important that we organise safe transport home after a night out so we don’t place

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Ingenious Hangover Cures

Everyone’s looking for that perfect hangover cure but the truth is there isn’t really one, only ways to manage that hangover and help you get through it. Alternatively you can avoid excessive drinking and alternate one alcoholic drink with one

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Advice to Surviving the Festive Season

The silly season is fast approaching but that doesn’t mean we’ve got to revert back to our old ways. While we’re probably going to be doing a lot of partying this season, we need to do so responsibly and in

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Ozzy Osbourne Offers The worst Advice for Curing a Hangover

If you’ve been searching for the most effective hangover cure, there’s one you can strike off the list – Ozzy Osbourne’s “fail-safe” cure. The star is known for his 40 years of drug and alcohol abuse as well as near

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Hungover People Test Worldwide Cures

If you’ve ever been hungover, you know there’s probably nothing you wouldn’t try at least once to get rid of that feeling. That’s what these people in the video do, try some of the weirdest hangover cures from around the

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Why Some Alcohol Gives You a Worst Hangover

I’ve noticed that drinking white spirits gives me a lesser hangover than darker liquors, you’ve probably noticed the same. According to a recent study some hangovers are worse than others because some drinks contain more congeners, the substance that make

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French People Try American Champagne

Technically if sparkling wine doesn’t come the French region of Champagne it cannot be called champagne but in this video French people, known for their pickiness when it comes to wine, try some cheap Americal versions of the sparkling wine.

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Getting Over a Hangover

To learn how to get over a hangover we must first understand what causes one. If you’ve often wondered why you get a hangover, this video may help. Once we know why its happening, we can learn how to stop

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