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Does Drinking Hard Liquor Help With Weightloss

Is it possible that hard alcohol can help you lose weight? Well some experts say not really, in fact it actually cause you to gain weight. There are a number of factors that affect whether alcohol affects your weight including

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Which is Better Spirits or Beer?

Have you ever wondered which is healthier, hard liquor or a beer? Well both need to be consumed in moderation, in fact all alcoholic beverages do. If you’re counting calories, you may want to opt for that shot of vodka,

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The Worst Thing You Can Drink for Your Skin

Before you start downing those festive season drinks, consider the damage to your body and even your skin. Here are the worst drinks you can have for your skin. Red wine – Red wine is the worst culprit when it

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Study Shows That Various Alcohol Types Elicit Varying Moods

A study published recently highlighted how different alcoholic beverages elicit different emotions in people ranging from feeling frisky to aggression. If red wine is your tipple of choice chances are it makes you feel tired, as it did for 60

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Easy Gin Cocktail

The Bees Knees cocktail is one of those easy enough to make in large batches but sophisticated enough to serve at a brunch or formal gathering, not to mention that gin cocktails have never taste this good.

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Here’s How to Turn Vodka into Gin

If you have some unfinished vodka lying around the house, why not use it to create your own gin blend. In this advanced bartending techniques video you’ll learn how you can make your own gin from vodka and few natural

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Vegetables Earning Their Place on The Cocktail Menu

Healthy eating and drinking is making its way to the bar with various cocktails being added to most venues’ menus that are filled healthy fruits and vegetables. Whether or not these cocktails are good for your health, they do taste

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Learn to Make a Boulevardier

If you like whisky and vermouth, then you’ll love the Boulevardier. Similar to a Negroni the only difference in this cocktail is that it uses bourbon or rye whisky instead of gin. Best enjoyed on the rocks, let’s see how

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How to Make a French 75 Cocktail

If you’re looking for a new cocktail to get under your belt, this French 75 recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube is a great option, it combines both champagne and gin into a sophisticated and delicious drink.  

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Quick and Easy Gin Cocktails

Did you know that in the past gin was used to fight malaria? Nowadays we have some more effective ways of fighting the mosquito borne disease but gin still has its place in modern society. Here we learn how to

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