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Don’t Drink Before Bed for a Better Sleep

Although we’ve heard that a glass of wine before bed can help you unwind and fall asleep, it may not be the best idea for a good sleep. Professor of psychology Richard Wiseman explains, drinking before bed won’t give you

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Alcoholic Preferences from Around the World

Researchers at Bank of America Merrill Lynch looked into the consumption of pure alcohol consumed in various regions of the world and according to statistics beer is the favorite tipple of people in Canada and The USA. People in Western

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SA Pub Standing and Drinking Ban Lifted

In case you haven’t heard, drinking and standing outside SA pubs is OK as the government invites venues to apply to have the ban lifted outside their premises. The move is aimed at helping boost the small bar scene in

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Drinking and Driving Not the Only Alcoholic Crime

By David Sledge While drinking and driving is a major problem related to alcohol abuse there are serious consequences to excessive drinking. As the year draws to a close and we reflect on the advancements of 2012, we also remember the

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