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Alcohol the Greatest Reason for Hospitalisations at Music Festivals

If you’re at an event that doesn’t give you an excuse for drunkenness. According to authorities, pills aren’t the only thing causing problems at music festivals, alcohol is also wreaking havoc. Over the Australia Day long week scores of people

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Drunk Walking May Be As Dangerous as Drunk Driving

Although we’re all aware of how dangerous and illegal driving under the influence of alcohol is, drink walking can be just as deadly. It’s so important that we organise safe transport home after a night out so we don’t place

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What Happens When You Drink Alcohol

To gain a better understanding of what happens when you drink alcohol, here are 4 really helpful and informative videos that explain what is alcohol and how it makes you intoxicated, what happens when you take your first sip, how

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Does Your Personality Change When You Drink?

Do you think your personality changes when you drink? No, well you’re probably wrong. According to a study, the way we see ourselves when drunk is not the same as how others see us. According to the study, besides being

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Can You Do Make-up While Drunk? These Guys Can’t

Just how much does alcohol inhibit our ability to control our reflexes, movements and brains? Can you perform a simple task like applying makeup when drunk? Well it’s harder than it sounds, especially if you’re highly intoxicated. In this video

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Try To Assemble IKEA Furniture when You’re Intoxicated

Could you imagine assembling furniture while drunk? That’s what these people do in this Buzzfeed video. If you’re a moderate drinker you probably have never noticed the effect alcohol has on your ability to do day to day activities but

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The Type of Alcohol That Gets You The Most Drunk

When it comes to responsible drinking, it’s useful to know if there is any alcohol that  gets you more drunk, more quickly. Let’s see what the guys from Buzzfeed found out about this,

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Can You Get Drunk Eating Food Made with Alcohol

I’ve often wondered if you can get drunk by eating food cooked with alot of alcohol? Well I recently came across an article on that explains. There’s no easy answer either. Basically it depends on what food and the

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Do you Shout when You’re Drunk? This is Why

Do you notice people start speaking louder when they’re drunk? You probably do it too, you’re just too intoxicated to notice when you do. We know alcohol is a social lubricant and can get a party started, but why does

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French People Try American Champagne

Technically if sparkling wine doesn’t come the French region of Champagne it cannot be called champagne but in this video French people, known for their pickiness when it comes to wine, try some cheap Americal versions of the sparkling wine.

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