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Paramedics Fearful as Alcohol and Drug Fuelled Violence increases

One of the negative impacts of alcohol abuse on Australia is the risk that our paramedics are being placed in by attending to scenes where people are affected by drugs and alcohol. New South Wales paramedics have admitted to being

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Study Reveals How Alcohol Australians Drink

A major study by The Foundation of Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) has revealed just  how much alcohol Australians consume. The study surveyed 1820 Australians and found that most people are just moderate drinkers, meaning they have nine or less

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Booze Bracelets Keep Repeat Drink driver sober

Police are considering alcohol monitoring ankle bracelets for drink-drivers and domestic violence abusers, with substance abuse experts confident that the scheme would force repeat offenders to stay sober. Offenders with serial alcohol related convictions would be forced to abstain with

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Drinking Alcohol a Costly Practice in Australia

You may want to reconsider your smoking, drinking or drug taking habits, taking into consideration the latest Bloomberg Vice Index. The index was recently released and according to it, Australia is the third most expensive country to buy alcohol, cigarettes

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Is Alcohol more Harmful than Drugs?

As RSA staff, we need to be aware of the danger our actions may present for our patrons especially when we neglect responsible service of alcohol laws and serve unduly intoxicated patrons more alcohol than we should. It is because

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State Government intends to do more to treat Drugs and Alcohol

According to a media release by the New South Wales parliament, the state government intends to do more to treat drugs and alcohol, as a parliamentary inquiry recently discovered was necessary. The inquiry found that more needs to be done

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