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The Illegal Drink Canadians are Drinking instead of Alcohol

The manufacturers of a new drink in Canada have touted it for being able to give you an alcohol-like buzz without getting you drunk or causing a hangover. Pace is a new drink being sold in Canada, yellowish in appearance

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Diageo’s Anti-Underage Drinking Program Goes Around Australia

Diageo Australia has taken its successful education project The Smashed Project back to the ACT and introduced it to Victoria. The project is a theatre-in-education project that attempts to address the dangers of underage drinking and reducing alcohol-related harm to

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The Best Advice for Making Cocktails in A Large Batch

If you’re planning on entertaining this festive season you don’t want to miss this video. One of the biggest hassles when throwing a party is the drinks, especially if you want to make a signature cocktail because you don’t want

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Sommeliers Ingenious Wine Glass Invention

Sommerlier and wine educator Jessica Bell has developed plastic wine glasses that actually enhance the taste of wine rather than spoil it, like other cheap plastic glasses do. The idea came to her after visiting a venue that didn’t allow

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The Worlds Most Popular Beers

Beer is a $661 billion industry and craft beer sales continue to rise. There are however a few big beer brands that continue to dominate the market. According to a report by Bank of America Merill Lynch these are the

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Worried About Your Moderate Alcohol Consumption? Read this!

Although we’ve been told for years that drinking moderately is good for your health, a recent study in the Lancet claims there is actually no safe level of drinking. For the study, the team analysed data from 694 studies and

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What Happens when You Drink Your Way Through The United States

America has 50 states and each one has it’s own iconic drink, some more weird than others. If you’re planning to visit one or more of these states and are wondering what the most iconic drink of each is, then

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How You Should Be Drinking Wine According to a Sommelier

Although wine is Australia’s second favourite tipple, after beer, it can be intimidating for some people because of all the “rules” that seem to surround it. Wine can be an investment, so knowing where to spend your money, what you

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Drink Alcohol in Moderation to Reduce Stroke Risk

Every nine minutes someone in Australia has a stroke, that’s 56,000 strokes in one year alone. In Queensland, more than 10,000 strokes occur a year and with the recent National Stroke Week (September 3-9), it’s something we need to be

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Make These Fruit-Sweetened, Vegan Cocktails

If you’re trying to stay healthy to get back into your summer body, here are some cocktails that can help. They are a healthy fruit-sweetened options instead of those sugar and calorie laden cocktails made with mixers and syrups.

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