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Toddler in Hospital with Alcohol Poisoning after Drinking Hand Sanitizer

A toddler was taken to hospital with alcohol poisoning last year and it wasn’t from getting her hands on her parents liquor cabinet, it was from drinking hand sanitiser. Now there are calls for hand sanitisers to have safety warnings

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Can Your Really Boost Your Immunity by Drinking Alcohol?

According to a study published in the science journal Vaccine, drinking a moderate amount of alcohol can actually boost your immune system. Scientists gave monkeys alcohol for a period of 14 months and noted that similarly to humans, there were different

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Powdered Alcohol Banned in Victoria

Described by some at the sneakiest way to get drunk, Palcohol has been banned in Victoria. While people in Victoria wont be able to consume palcohol as an alternative to drinking your alcohol, other states have not adopted the ban

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Study Shows Impact of Alcohol on Teen Brains

  If you needed any more motivation to enforce RSA rules regarding not serving alcohol to minors, a recent study may provide just that. According to the study by researchers at The University of California San Diego alcohol can cause

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Does Alcohol Before Dinner Cause Overeating?

A recent study found that women who have a drink before dining may overeat. The overeating is thought to result due to the “mellow” and relaxed feeling the alcohol gives. The study was conducted by researchers at the Indiana University School

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Why You Need Responsible Service of Alcohol Training

If you are currently employed at a licensed venue that serves alcohol, or if you plan on working at a restaurant, club, pub or bar that sells alcohol you are probably already aware that you must complete Responsible Service of

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Attempt to Tackle Damage Done by Pregnant Drinkers

Do you think Pregnant Mothers are doing harm to their unborn babies by drinking alcohol? According to a report discussed by a post on it does. Six months after a report described the danger caused to unborn babies by

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