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Beware of Regular Teen Drinking

Although there are some parents who think it’s okay to give their teenage children the occasional drink of alcohol, new research shows that this could be problematic down the line, possibly leading to alcohol abuse problems in adulthood. The study

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Alcohol Thought to Have Played a Part in Lake Drownings

A tragic tale of alcohol and swimming has reminded us of the dangers of the practice. Two men recently drowned, it is believed they were trying to swim across a lake in Melbourne’s north after consuming alcohol. The lake is

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People Wear Beer Goggles for a Day

Watch as people wear beer goggles to see what its like to be drunk for a day.

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Study shows Alcohol Labels Ineffective

Research out of Deakin University reveals that alcohol labels are ineffective and are failing to convey health messages to the public. Researchers from the university’s school of psychology examined awareness of the voluntary warning labels and the ‘Get the facts’ logo

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Make a Keg out of a Pumpkin

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or just looking for a fun new way to present a drink at a party, this idea is easy and packs a punch. How to: Scoop out the pumpkin seeds. Purchase a spigout or

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Gin Overtaking Vodka In Popularity

Research from Roy Morgan has proven that gin is steadily becoming the country’s most popular spirit, overtaking vodka and becoming a favourite of people of all ages. The latest research shows that gin has gained around 220,000 more drinkers since

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Study Shows Alcohol Helps with Chronic Pain

Even more reason to raise that glass and down your favourite tipple has been presented by a new study, especially if you suffer from chronic pain. The research into sufferers of fibromyalgia by Dr Gary Macfarlane, who published the study in the American medical

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Doctor Warns Pregnant Women Not to Consume Alcohol

A recent article on discussed why drinking alcohol while pregnant is like playing Russian roulette. DR GINNI Mansberg, a well-known Australian GP cautioned pregnant women against drinking while pregnant, even one glass of wine can be dangerous to the unborn

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Impressive Drinking Trivia

Here is some interesting alcohol trivia for your next quiz night or just to impress your friends, Christopher Columbus brought Sherry to America on his voyage to the New World. Beer in bottles began selling in 1850 and in cans in

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Palcohol in Queensland May be Banned Before It Even Arrives

The state of Victoria has banned Palcohol (powdered alcohol) and NSW is drafting legislation to do the same. Queensland is also likely to follow their example. To make the alcoholic beverage, just add water to the sachet of powder and

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