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Watch Irish People Drink American Shots

We have the Irish to thank for so many of the world’s favourite alcoholic drinks. Guinness is just one example of the alcoholic offerings Ireland has given the world, so it goes without saying that the Irish know their alcohol.

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Do You Know The Calorie Content Of Your Drink?

There’s a scary new trend sweeping Britain, women trying to lose weight by drinking alcohol in place of meals. According to researchers, one in 20 British women are ‘drunkorexic’ – skipping meals and drinking alcohol instead with the goal of

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Brazil in a Glass

Recreate Brazil whever you are with this easy and delicious recipe for Brazil’s most popular alcoholic drink- The Caipirinha  

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Drink Responsibly on New Years

A warning has been issued to all revellers to enjoy alcohol responsibly and to be safe when seeing in 2016. Many parts of the country will see the new year in sweaty due to hot and humid temperatures ranging from

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How to Drink The Entire Bourbon Barrel

The latest trend in the world of whisky is actually consuming the barrel together with the drink. Therefore liquid that comes straight from a well-aged barrel, isn’t cut by any water, and generally isn’t even filtered before bottling. It’s higher proof

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Why Isn’t Beer Sold In Plastic Bottles

Why are cans and bottles used for beer and not plastic?  Plastic is definately more convenient, cheaper and recyclable, so why isn’t it used more? In The UK, beer is actually stored in plastic bottles, for environmental as well as

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The Drink Every Bartender Must Know

So what is the one drink every bartender MUST know? According to these experts its a Daiquiri. Watch  the video to learn why they ask bartenders to make a Daiquiri in an interview.  

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Americans Taste Australian Food for the First Time

So every nation has its own preferences when it comes to food and drink. This funny video shows Americans tasting some Aussie favourites. Wonder what they think of your favourite taste?  

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Adult Drink to Remind You of Your Childhood

Try This Awesome Recipe: Aperol Spritz   Aperol Spritz has been described as the adults version of orange soda. A classic Italian aperitif of Prosecco, Aperol, and sparkling water, the most distinct flavour is that of bitter orange. Its a fun, fizzy

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