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SA Driver Caught 8 Times Over The Alcohol Limit

A woman in SA has been caught driving while almost 8 times over the legal alcohol limit. The 39 year old woman had a blood alcohol level of 0.398 when she was pulled over by police in Adelaide last week.

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What makes Beer so Refreshing?

Why is it that on a hot day we would rather reach for a cold beer than almost any other drink? Well according to researchers the refreshment we get from an ice cold beer is as a result of a

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Drink Driver Jailed After Killing friend in Crash

A driver has been jailed after his friend was killed in crash which he caused while under the influence. The man is said to have embarked on a binge drinking spree before getting behind the wheel. He then crashed into

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Man Jailed after being Caught Drink Driving 9 Times

A Mooree man has been jailed after being caught for the ninth time driving over the legal drinking limit. A magistrate sentenced the man to 2 years imprisonment before blasting him for his behaviour. The 49 year old man, Kevin

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NSW Drunk Drivers to get Interlock Devices

People who make a habit of practicing the irresponsible act of drink driving in the state may soon find themselves having to blow into an alcohol interlock device in order to start their car. Drivers will have to prove that

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Alcohol Interlocks now Mandatory for Repeat Offenders

Alcohol interlocks are going to become mandatory for repeat drink driving offenders in New South Wales particularly for high range offenders, according to an announcement by the Road Minister recently. Dun Gay, the NSW Road Minister announced that those who

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Driving under the influence facts and stats

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Responsible Service of Alcohol Update: Underage Teen Caught Drink Driving

More and more young people are being caught up in a life of binge drinking and making dangerous decisions concerning their lives. Never before has Responsible Service of Alcohol enforcement been so important as it is now. Every year the

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Germany Reviewing Alcohol Limit for Cyclists

An issue has arisen in Germany which also has relevance for many countries where millions of people get around on bicycles, whether for pleasure or as their only means of transport. The issue relates to drinking and cycling. According to

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Total Ban on Alcohol for Drivers…possible solution to Drink Driving Crashes?

One of the problems currently plaguing Australian roads is the number of drink driving crashes that occur each week, but the issue is not unique to Oz, it seems countries around the world are grappling with the same issue. There

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