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Police Say Hot Cross Bun’s Fermenting Sugars Can Actually Register Positive Breath Test

Police have confirmed to drivers in WA that certain foods may cause them to register positive on a passive roadside alcometer test. Your favourite easter treat may just cause a positive reading because the yeast in the hot cross buns

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Woman Charged with Riding Horse to Bottle Shop While 4x Over Legal Limit

Police in Logan, south of Brisbane recently charged a 51 year old woman who allegedly rode a horse to a bottle shop while she was more than 4 times over the legal alcohol limit. Officers were called to a tavern

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Majority of Perth Drivers Breaching Alcohol Interlock Conditions

As Victoria considers introducing similar alcohol interlock laws, it has come to light that the majority of Perth drivers forced to have alcohol interlocks installed in their cars in order to drive are breaching their restricting licence. In fact research

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Driving Drunk in Driverless Car Should be Legal, Expert Says

The National Transport Commission (NTC), the independent advisory body in Australia says people under the influence of drugs and alcohol should be allowed to use driverless cars without breaking the law. The advisory body says current laws could reduce the

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Drink Driving Woman Crashes Car into Garage Door

An important part of Responsible Service of Alcohol is paying attention to whether our patrons have a safe ride home, especially given the possible consequences of drink driving. Recently a Carramar woman, driving over the legal alcohol limit crashed her

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Alcohol Linked to Triple Fatality Highway Accident

Whenever you’re tempted to drink drive, or serve alcohol to someone who’s driving, consider the devastating consequences. A crash that claimed the lives of 3 men is a tragic reminder of the consequences of drink driving. Police believe alcohol was

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Bars Unconventional Drink Driving Message

A bar in Toronto has taken a different approach to the drink driving message hoping it will have a massive impact. The whisky bar, The Emmet Ray introduced special coasters over the St Patrick’s Day weekend, made from the bodies

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Can Alcohol Interlocks be fitted into all Australian cars

AustRoads (which includes VicRoads and NSW Roads and Maritime Services), the country’s peak road safety body has called for alcohol interlock devices to be fitted to all Australian cars. The aggresive new strategy would require all drivers to take a breath

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Are Canberra’s Alcohol Interlocks Effective?

The effectiveness of the ACT’s new alcohol interlock scheme is being negatively affected by high costs and mandatory delays,the state’s lawyers warn. In the past 14 months, more than 80 drivers have had the mandatory devices fitted to their vehicles.

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NSW Road High Death Toll, Alcohol a Factor

This weekend has not been a good one for NSW road safety. Four young men died in two separate accidents on New South Wales roads on Sunday, prompting police  to issue a warning to motorists to drive safely amid a

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