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Disney Cocktails to Inspire You

If you thought Disney was only for kids, you’d be mistaken. Disney has inspired adults around the world and here’s the evidence. These 27 cocktails were inspired by Disney and are a must try before you die.

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Take Your Tastebuds to Italy with An Iconic Italian Cocktail

The Spritz is a wine-based cocktail commonly served as an aperitif in Northeast Italy, an Aperol Spritz is made by combining Aperol with Prosecco. The taste is unmistakeably orange and goes well with snacks and aperitifs but is also delicious

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Mum’s Warning Following Teenage Daughters Death

The mother of a Sydney teenager who died after mixing herself a deadly cocktail of alcohol and energy drinks which she discovered online, hopes her daughter’s death will be a warning to others. The mother of Paris Kamper was speaking

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How To Knock Back A Boilermaker

A Boilermaker, (the combination of beer and shot whisky) has had a reputation of being a manly drink but now there’s a new appreciation for this 2 part drink and a new way to drink it. Here’s a more sophisticated

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Make A Salty Dog Cocktail

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a new cocktail recipe to add to your repertoire. Here’s a versatile recipe that can be made with either gin or vodka and with only 3 ingredients, you can make it anytime

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Make a Yoda Inspired Cocktail

Here’s one for the Star Wars buffs – a sour Yoda-inspired cocktail from Why not impress your friends with a screening party and matching Star Wars cocktails?

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Refreshing Cocktail Recipe Video

If you only have a few ingredients but want to make a delicious cocktail, don’t fret it is possible, just look at this Mint Julep recipe. This drink is known for being refreshing and delicious, so learn how to make

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Exotic Cocktail Made By Japans Best Bartender

Watch the amazing Hiroyasu Kayama, a real master of mixology at work, creating a refreshing cocktail called the Daikon Lotus Cocktail. His skill is inspiring to watch even if you aren’t looking to make the cocktail yourself, it’s still worth

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Learn to Make a Diamond Cocktail

Here’s a super sophisticated cocktail with the apt name “The Diamond Cocktail” made at a swanky Chelsea bar in London. The cocktail is made with real gold and edible diamonds and will set you back £100 ( US$140).

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Learn to Make A Paper Plane Cocktail

If you’re looking for a delicious cocktail that strikes the right balance between sweet and boozy, then the Paper Plane is the cocktail for you. Here’s how simple it is to make,

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