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An Unconventional Bouquet for Beer Lovers

If you know someone who loves beer, craft beer in particular, here’s the perfect gift for them. Brequets is a Sydney based company delivering gifts to craft beer lovers. The “brewquet” comes with 3 craft beers wrapped in tissue paper

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Brew at Home with New Kit

The latest trend in beer is home brewing and like home brewed coffee, the art of making beer at home is about to become alot easier and more common with the release of the BeerDroid, a home beer brewing machine.

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Americans try Australia’s Favourite Beers

Every country has their own tastes and preferences especially when it comes to beer. In this video Americans try popular Australian beers for the first time. Let’s see what they think?  

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Nifty New Gadget to Enjoy your Beer More

Part of enjoying a beer is savouring the smell as well as the taste. Now there’s a way to enjoy the smell…and taste of your beer more – its called the HopBlast. HopBlast is a gadget designed to maximize the smell

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