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Teabag Turns Ordinary Beer into Craft Beer

Is it really possible to turn an average beer into a craft beer in just 4 minutes using a teabag? A teabag created by Maryland-based biology student Bobby Gattuso, Hop Theory promises to do just that. The teabag is made

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Would You Buy Alcohol at Starbucks?

If you’re visiting The USA soon you may be able to enjoy your tipple at your favourite  coffee shop. Starbucks might start serving alcohol at select locations in the San Francisco, Bay Area. The coffee giant has apparently applied for

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Low Calorie Cocktail Recipes

If you like cocktails but rarely drink them because they are usually so high in sugar and calories, here are some good low calorie options to try at home.  

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Binge Drinking in Teens linked to Sleeping Problems

Could improper sleeping habits and a lack of quality sleep be leading to dangerous behaviour in teens, including binge drinking and alcoholism? A recent study shows a link between teens who didn’t get the recommended 8-9 and a half hours

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Six of Sydney’s Inner West bars to Trial Lockout Laws Voluntarily

Six bars in Inner West Sydney have volunteered to have trial lockouts introduced, starting 1 September. The lockout rules will mean patrons will be locked out of bars from 3am on Friday and Saturdays nights. The trial will include a

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Secret to the Perfect Cocktail

Perfectly balanced taste is the secret behind the perfect cocktail. That means getting the flavours just right with the perfect amount sweetness, balanced with sourness, saltiness and bitterness. In this video Rich Hunt & Greg Foot show us how to achieve

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Both Pilots of a Flight Tested Positive for Alcohol

An AirBaltic flight from Oslo to Crete was recently grounded after 5 crew members including the pilot and co-pilot were tested for alcohol and found to be over the limit to fly. Police were alerted to the intoxicated crew members

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Why Mixing Alcohol And Caffeine Is So Bad

Even more proof that mixing alcohol with energy drinks is a bad idea! This video tells you why.

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Absenteeism due to Alcohol Costing the Economy Billions Annually

Alcohol and drug related absenteeism is apparently costing the Australian economy $3billion a year and the number is rising annually. Australian workers are off work for an estimated 11.5 million days annually because of the ill-effects of alcohol and illicit

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Attention Young Women – Don’t Binge Drink

Young women are being warned that  episodes of heavy alcohol use could increase their susceptibility to strokes and cancer. Catherine Paradis, senior research and policy analyst on alcohol for the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, a greater percentage of the alcohol

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