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How to Drink Responsibly in Front of Your Kids

A challenge that parents often have to deal with, is the impact their behaviour has on their offspring, for example the message their drinking is sending to their kids. Are you creating a life-time binge drinker by drinking in front

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This is Why You Crave a Burger after Drinking

According to studies not only does drinking alcohol excessively affect obesity levels in young people, but drinking alcohol affects what people are eating while they drink. According to the Californian Journal of Health Promotion, previous research had already found that

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New Programs Halve the Rate of Binge Drinking in Teenagers

Researchers have found that they can predict the personality traits of teenagers at high risk of becoming binge drinkers with 90 per cent accuracy. Studies found that impulsiveness, sensitivity  to anxiety and sensation and hopelessness are the traits in teenagers

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Alcohol May Have More Calories Than Sugary Drinks, Study Claims

According to data collected by data analysts Euromonitor International, people in the UK, among other countries, get more calories from alcohol than they do sugary drinks. According to the information, of the 24 countries tracked, all but one have higher

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Alcohol Experiment – What will get your more drunk

Ever wondered which alcohol is the worst for hangovers? This video from Try Guys tries to find that out so you can drink without the fear of a hangover.

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People Wear Beer Goggles for a Day

Watch as people wear beer goggles to see what its like to be drunk for a day.

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Australia’s Binge Drinking Increases Mental Health Risk

Even more reason to ensure responsible service of alcohol rules are adhered to – Australia’s binge drinking culture which is contributing to an increase in mental health issues. Australian Medical Association vice-president Stephen Parnis explained how the culture of binge

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Halloween is Over but Try this Anyway

Although Halloween was a few days ago, lets have this awesome spooky smoked punch anyway, its perfect for a party or to enjoy solo. Spooky Smoked Punch 375 mL Smokey Whisky 4 oz/ 118 mL Fernet 1 Liter Unsweetened or lightly

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Fears New Hangover Cures Could Promote Binge Drinking

A new company which is expected to open in Sydney soon has sparked fears among the New South Wales Opposition that it could actually promote binge drinking. The business called “The Hangover Clinic”, offers hangover “cures” to its clients, administered through an intravenous

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New Alcohol Addiction Drug Making Progress

Swedish Researchers say a new drug for alcohol addiction is a step closer to reality. The researchers say they’ve found an efficient way to reduce alcohol cravings by normalizing dopamine levels in the brain. Trials on humans showed that the drug

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