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Letting Under Age Teens Drink Alcohol Doesn’t Mean They Won’t Binge Drink

According to health campaigners parents are making a mistake by allowing their underage children to drink alcohol at home. Parents incorrectly believe that giving alcohol to  their kids will deter them from doing it behind their backs and stop them

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Be Your Own Exotic Bartender

You don’t need to be in Panama to drink like you are. In this video you’ll learn how to make a Panamanian Mojito, a nice change from the typical Mojito if you’re getting bored.  

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New York Bans Powered Alcohol

New York is the latest state to ban powdered alcohol/palcohol, following 20 other North American states. The substance was banned before it even hit the market in most states. The freeze-dried or dehydrated alcohol can either be consumed by itself

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Learn the Right Way to Rim a Glass

Another useful video from Jamie Oliver’s drinks tube shows us the right way to rim a glass, and the video is only a minute long.    

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Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Should be Recognised as a Disability

A standing committee report into the use of alcohol by indigenous communities says Foetal Alcohol Syndrome should be recognised as a disability. The report has found that indigenous children fall through cracks of the school system and later end up in

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More Evidence for Drinking in Moderation

By Tara Angkor Hotel Alcohol is an excellent way of unwinding and making us more sociable but when we abuse it alcohol can become our biggest threat. There are various social, physiological and emotional problems that binge drinkers expose themselves

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