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How to Get Your Beer to the best temperature for consumption

If you ever wondered what was the quickest way to cool your warm six-pack, you better watch this video. Hint: If you have a bucket of ice and some salt, don’t worry you’ll soon be enjoying a nice cold beer.

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Is Drinking After Exercise a Good Idea?

You’ve probably noticed sports stars popping a beer after an event but is drinking beer a good idea after exercising. Because you’re dehydrated after exercising, water is the best choice to hydrate you but what about beer? Watch the video

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Study Reveals Number of Alcohol Deaths Globally

According to a new study from the World Health Organisation (WHO), alcohol is responsible for 3 million deaths worldwide. Five percent of deaths on the planet are linked to alcohol and three quarters of those killed are male. In other

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The Perfect Bar for Harry Potter Lovers

There’s a bar in New York City that’s a real hit with the Harry Potter fans serving magical concoctions. If you’re looking for some Halloween inspiration, look no further.

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Attention Beer Lovers, This Beer Won’t Get You Drunk

If you love the taste of beer but want to drink more responsibly, there’s a new product on the market that you may love- zero alcohol beer. Carlton and United Breweries (CUB) have introduced a non-alcohol beer aimed at drinkers

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Could Alcohol-free Beer be A Gateway for Young People

There are concerns that the release of the new alcohol-free beer that tastes, smells and sounds like the “real” thing may be a gateway for younger people to develop a taste for beer. ‘Carlton Zero’ from Carlton & United Breweries’

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What Does The Drink You Choose on Your First Date Say About You?

The drink you choose on your first date has a lot to say about your personality.What your date orders could give you some insight into their personality and perhaps give you the edge to have a successful date. According to

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Australian Drinking at It’s Lowest

Australians are drinking less alcohol than they have in the last 50 years. According to official data, 186 million litres of pure alcohol was downed across the nation in 2016/17 – the lowest consumption since 1961/62. That equates to 9.4

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Mid And Low Strength Alcohol Growing In Popularity In Australia

Australians are becoming more health conscious and as a result, mid-strength and non-alcoholic beverages are growing in popularity. Australian drinkers are favouring non-alcoholic and low-strength drinks over the full-strength brews we’re used to, according to a new study. The sale

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Study Shows Less and Less Americans Drink Beer

The consumption of beer in the USA is down and it appears the slump is millennial driven. In the 90s, Americans opted for beer 60.8 per cent of the time but now they reach for a beer only 49,7 per

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